Busy Busy Busy

So I know I tell people all the time I'm super busy. Sometimes I use it as an excuse, maybe too much. I mean I think everyone assumes you're busy on some level when you have twins but nobody really knows how a day goes in our house. 

After our most recent pediatrician appointment, she advised me to keep track of the boys' schedule of eating and sleeping for a day in effort to find out why they aren't sleeping longer periods through the night. Typically they're sleeping between 3-5 hours each although last night Julian slept pretty much through the night for one of the first few times. 

In effort to keep the most organized schedule listing for the boys, I used my handy Google Docs and filled out a spreadsheet all day of how often and how much they ate and when they they slept. 

Julian's day went a little like this:

And Isaiah's day went something like this:

I came to a couple conclusions after the day:
  1. Holy crap my kids eat a lot. It's so hard to judge how much rice cereal they eat because they only time I really measured it out was around lunch. But still....hungry beasts!
  2. There really aren't many hours in a day when both boys are sleeping at the same time. And in those hours they are asleep, all I really feel like doing is relaxing. But usually at that point there are 1000 other things that need to be done before they wake up again, like cleaning and making bottles, getting myself some food, bathroom break, etc. 
  3. I really wish they would drink more at each feeding instead of little bits at a time throughout the day. I try to get them to drink more but they're pretty clear about what they want and don't want. Just keeping up with feeding them is a job in itself.
Damn. I'm one busy Mama. I really don't know how I have the energy to get through days like this-without full night's sleep for going on 4 months. I guess with twins you just do what you have to do to survive! My typical day at the office starts at 8am and doesn't end until 10pm...and usually continues well on into the night. Such is life with growing, hungry dudes!

When did your kids start sleeping through the night? And I don't want to hear from any of you Mamas who think you have it hard-when your kid started sleeping through the night from practically birth! LOL!


  1. My son is almost 9 months and he still is NOT STTN and never has slept more than 5 hours at one time and even that is RARE. He is still breastfed which I know is one of this issues also I with having to go to work I simply do whatever will make him go back to sleep during the night so I can get a decent amount of sleep. Also it's so hard to get him on some kind of schedule because several people can watch him at any point during the week. I feel your pain well somewhat I'm sure with 2 it's much harder but know you are not the only one I hope for you it doesn't last much longer

  2. Oh man 9 months! Yesterday was the first day doing their rice cereal for 3 meals...and I thought for sure they'd sleep longer. Nope! Julian woke up around 12am and again at 4:30am, but Isaiah did better, sleeping until a little after I fed Julian around 4:30. They both woke up around 8:30 this morning.

    I also have this theory that the baby that sleeps in our swaddle blanket, the kind w/velcro that stays shut, he sleeps longer. Julian slept almost through the night the night before in that blanket and the last night we used it for Isaiah and he slept longer. I might invest in another one!

  3. some people have the gift of organization. you got it. i wish i had some. i envy those lists and your conclusions based on them. i could get so much more done in life if only...
    nice to meecha. here from kristin at wanderlust.

  4. Mandey- I just posted our schedule today on my blog. Check it out. My twins pretty much STTN except for once in a while Sam wakes once around 3:30 because he's hungry (he doesn't eat nearly as much as yours do during the day). I have a few suggestions for you that might help that helped us, I mention them in the post, but: I think if you had an earlier bedtime it might actually help you out. Also, if you have a set waketime in the am and wake them both at the same time, I found that the middle of the day stuff just kind of fell into place and then they more consistently STTN.

  5. Oh, I didn't say- Anna STTN with a few hiccups at 6 weeks. Sam STTN around 2 months. (and when I say STTN, I mean bedtime to wakeup, some people consider STTN 5-6 hours of sleep)

  6. My boys didn't sleep through the night until 7 months when I had a major melt-down and we sleep trained them. It was a week of craziness and I hated to hear them cry, but it made for a MUCH happier family after a couple of days. The boys slept better, I slept better, my husband slept better. We were all getting more rest and were therefore less cranky and better communicators.

    I know that it seems hard now, but it really will get better soon. Another factor to consider - are you co-bedding them? We had to move Eli into his own bed because he was rolling over and kicking/hitting Jude in his sleep at about 4 months. Once we moved him, it was much better. Good luck!


  7. Man that looks familiar! It is a FULL ON time isn't it? My two were Yin and Yang and never wanted to do things together.

    Your blog is beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by mine. Now I will follow your little cuties (and be truly grateful that I am ahead of you! Dew Drop and The Minx are 18 months already)

  8. Thanks guys! I'm thinking it's starting to get better...last night I had one baby up at 11 and the other up at 2:30 and then they were both bright eyed at 6 am this morning but it wasn't too bad!

  9. Hello! Just found your blog. Super cute. I have twin girls - almost 10 months. They started sleeping through the night at about 5 months. When we took them in at 4.5 months for their well-babe check...the ped said they didn't need to eat during the night anymore. So - we took a leap of faith (due to MAJOR lack of sleeping and almost going off the deep end) and let them fuss a litle for a few nights and POOF they've slept through ever since. We didn't have horrible nights of them screaming for hours on end. They did cry a bit, but it was manageable and especially because my hubby and I were in it together. I wasn't sure I could do it, but the bottom line is they need sleep - hours and hours of consecutive sleep in order to be healthy and grow. More than anything it is good for their development to sleep straight through. It took me about a month to get back on a regular sleep schedule for myself, but once I did I was a completely new mom. I was able to function out of the fog! Let me know if you want any more details about how it worked for us. Good luck!


  10. Hey thanks for stopping by! Ugh...I'm so tired of waking up at night! Every night is a different story. I'm going to try today to make sure I'm feeding them at least every 3 hours throughout the day and see if that makes a difference. I think I feed them that often but sometimes if they're napping I don't wake them up and it goes longer. The past few days they've been pretty in sync with waking up in the morning-today they were up both at 7 am. But they both woke up twice last night. The 2nd time Isaiah woke up I was able to rock him back to sleep but I was nervous the whole night he'd be up again.

    I also bought the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins which should arrive here sometime this week-which I've heard a lot of moms of twins recommend.

    I think pretty soon we're going to have to get another crib for them as they're sharing one and starting to wake each other up. They've done so good so far together but I think it might be time to be separated. I may put one in the co-sleeper and the other in the crib for now until we get another crib. They're both still in our room which will stay like that until I can get them sleeping through the night. Their new bedroom would be on the other side of our apartment and I'm not ready to have them so far away from me yet!

    I would love to hear more deets on how you got your girls sleeping- shoot me an email-my address is listed on my contacts page!

  11. Carter just turned 11 months old on the 2nd and he's STILL not sleeping through the night :/ It never fails he's up around 3-3:30am wanting a bottle. Good luck at getting them to sleep longer!

  12. oh my gosh Ashley! ugh that scares me lol I don't know if I can go that long with no sleep!

  13. I don't think I remember what it feels like to get a full night of sleep! Hahaha...I talked to his peds doctor and was like is there ANYTHING I can do??? I was concerned about his teeth! He said well, he's obviously hungry so continue to give him bottles & his teeth will be fine. Hopefully it won't last too terribly longer! :S