Dear Irvine Company (the people who own our apt complex and half of Orange County), The Park (my complex) and Ants (the #%@^@ing cause of this problem),

I hate you. All of you. Irvine Company, you don't give a crap about your residents or the facilities you build. Oh, you disagree? Let me give you a little example of the FAILS you've had since we've moved into this BRAND NEW apartment facility in May. 
  1. We have little to no cell phone service in our apartment. This is 2010. I should be able to make phone calls from my cell phone here. Anyone who comes here has no service either, no matter who the carrier may be. Your solution to the problem? (After you sold us the apartment without notifying us of this problem you knew all too well about) Buy an expensive adapter for our place that would help us with service. Or get a land line. @%@!%!^!!!!!
  2. Oh, and if we want a land line, internet or cable, our only option is using Cox Cable, the company that has formed a monopoly over this state. For some reason, our AT&T internet that worked ONE BLOCK AWAY, doesn't work here at this apartment and is out of service area for AT&T. Didn't happen to think about that one when you were building these apartments? Or did you know about it and then strike a deal with Cox to give them all your business because that's all we could get. 
    For all you Iowa people, Cox is the California version of Mediacom, the devil. 
  3. Last week when we had visitors here, the hot tub was the same temperature of the pool and nobody was around to help with the problem. And then when the kids wanted to go swim, there was a dead rat in the bottom of the pool. REALLY?
  4. Ants. ANTS. We complained of ants a few weeks ago. You said you'd have someone come spray at our apartment. The first time the guy game I had no idea I needed to clean out all my cupboards and do 100 different things to prepare for him. So he left. Came back 2 days later and I wasn't ready, I have two infants! I can't just have everything ready at the drop of a hat. He proceeded to come back two more times without giving me ANY warning whatsoever, and then wouldn't wait as I got my kids ready to be out of the apartment for two hours. We've had to throw away food, live out of bags (while company was here) and have our lives completely upturned because your stupid people can't get it together. 
    So, today I'm just sitting here waiting. He's supposed to come between 9-12. I need to be out of the apartment for at least 2 hours afterward .If this guy doesn't wait for me to get my kids ready to go I'm going to FLIP OUT. I've gotten everything ready. Every cupboard in my kitchen below counter top level is cleared out. My pantry is cleared out. Everything off my counter. Everything off my bathroom counters and out from under the sinks. My bedroom has everything away from the walls and half the apartment is covered with sheets. I'm about to freak out.
  5. The girls that work in the office are total beotches. They treat me like an idiot every time I'm there. 
In conclusion, you guys all FAIL big time. I would never recommend anyone live here and I'm so annoyed by all of you. Sucky service, sucky people, you sucky suck suck.


In other news, my dudes are cute.


  1. ew, i hate ants.

    but look at your boys!

  2. cute picture! :)

    and it sounds like you're having quite a time with your apartment complex. we had a b**** of a time with our last complex and ended up moving out. it took us three complexes in two years to finally find one that we really like! we're finally happy and the office people seem to realize that if their tenants are unhappy then they will leave! i hope things get better soon!


  3. What a PAIN! I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of that mess. And you are so right, your dudes are so stinkin' cute! I always look forward to your posts so I can see those two adorable little smiles, what happy guys!

  4. The cute babies just seem to make everything better, right?

    When we lived in West Des Moines, IA, we were really happy. We had cheap rent for a nice apartment. The maintenance people were friendly and we had really NO problems while we lived there. I wish we could find a place like that again. I think no matter what there's always issues when you're renting. Oh well!