Best. Week. Ever.

Hey guys! Julian and Isaiah here. (You're darn right we know how to type. Obviously we're genius.) Our Mama is resting after our busy week with lots of visitors and fun. We decided to give her a hand and tell you what we did last week. We haven't been around for all too long, but we think last week was one of our best weeks EVER. 

Our Uncle Chic and Aunt Ellie came to visit us. We missed them so much! They came to see us right after we were born but 4 months is a long time! We had lots of fun playing with them all week. I think they like us... 

And let me tell you, we LOVE our Uncle Chic.

And while they were here we got to go swimming for the first time! We are really starting to feel like big boys. I mean, how cute do we look in our swimming gear? And by the way, we loved the water.

We were sad they had to leave after a few days but we had MORE visitors coming! We finally got to meet our Uncles Josh and Bryce, our Aunt Kristen and our Sir Hatler! (He doesn't wan't us to call him Papa so we call him sir...silly!)

One night while they were here, we hung out by the pool and got to watch everyone eat yummy grilled food. We stayed up WAY past our bedtime. We were working hard to keep our eyes open...

We had so much fun with Sir and our Aunt and Uncles...and Daddy, too.

And oh yeah, Mama was there too :) 

Speaking of Mama, we better go keep her entertained. She just seems to want to eat, sleep and feed us all the time. Sheesh she needs a lot of attention! 


  1. Your boys are ADORABLE!! How old are they?? Those smiles melt my heart ;)

    So glad you found me...I stole your button and followed you right back! I am looking forward to getting to know ya!'re in Irvine? I'm in Corona. We're practically neighbors!

  2. Thank you! They are going to be 5 months on August 3rd. Ugh I can't believe they're that old!

    I didn't know you were so close! Whats up nabe!? :)