July 8, 2010

best job EVER

Just try to tell me your job is better than mine...

These are my bosses:

And this is how we roll at my office:

Two babies at once. That. Just. Happened. I totally deserve a promotion.


  1. Two at once! Definitely promotion time. :)

  2. I love the wrap because I can hold them at the same time! Definitely helpful when they're both fussy :)

  3. Cute bosses! You are pretty talented carrying them both at the same time! I barely can carry the one. :)

  4. i bet they liked to be carried together. dude, your world is so wild!

  5. You should definitely get paid overtime!

  6. I should at least get double the pay for double the babies, right? Damn the Man! haha

  7. I love the way your photos turn out on your blog. How do you get that fabulous look?

    Love the double hold. Two arms, two babies. It was meant to be :)

    There was a cool post on Multiples and More on baby wearing with twins. Did you see it? I wish I had when my two were smaller. I think I would break my back now. Lol.

  8. MultipleMum- Thank you! I do a little editing magic to them before I post them-just so they're all consistent and look the way I want them to.

    I did see the post about wearing twins! Those ladies are crazy-I don't know if I could figure it all out. I'd really like a ring sling-I think those make it easier.

    I fear I won't be able to do the double hold for much longer because they're getting so heavy. This pic I have Julian in the Moby wrap and holding the other in my strong arm haha. I love the wrap and I've seen moms hold twin in them somehow but I'm really not that talented lol!

  9. One of the coolest thing about raising twins is how great our arms look from carrying them! I can still carry my four-year-olds together, although for short periods, not hours like I used to.

  10. OMG, your babies are totally scrumptious. Squeeeze!!


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