The Bachelorette-Catch up week!

JEEZ! I've been so busy I kept forgetting to Hulu The Bachelorette. The nice thing about Hulu and begin a stay-at-home-mama is that I have lots of time to catch up on episodes. 

Here's my take on where we currently are:
I really do like Frank still but he's seemed to have lost his funniness over the past few weeks. I can tell he does really like Ali but he just is having some real issues with confidence. When he's on group dates he really changes and he just seems to be very up and down. Plus I've seen previews for next week and it looks like he breaks her heart. Bad job, Frank. I really did like you.

Kirk! He has definitely maintained who he really is throughout the weeks. He's still funny, he's still super nice and now that we've found out his past he just seems to really have a great take on life. He seems like a really fun and nice guy and I think he and Ali are cute together. There's one thing about him that really annoys me though: does anyone else notice that whenever they kiss his and is like a magnet to her face? I mean, sometimes it's ok but he does it every single time. Mix it up a little Kirk! Do I see her with him forever? Don't know yet. You can definitely tell he's a true Midwestern guy (he's from Wisconsin I think). He seems like a lot of my guy friends.
Roberto, you're too good to be true! A romantic guy. An athlete. Rockin bod. Sensitive and laid back. Respectful and cute. I can tell Ali really likes the mystery about him and he seems really suave. I could see them together but I have a hard time believing there's nothing entirely wrong about him. He must have dead bodies in his closet at home or something. That's the only real thing that I think could mess this all up. Damn you Roberto!
Chris L. is really a nice family guy. You can tell he really likes Ali but I really just don't see their connection. Maybe it's because he seems kind of shy and a slow mover. I just really don't see the chemistry between them that I see between her and the other guys.

I really have no idea who she'll end up with. I like all the guys that are left....but I have some suspicion that she picks Roberto. I guess we'll see!! I'm excited to see her meet their families next week.

Also, at the end of the episode they had a thing on Jake and Vienna. I didn't watch that show so I don't know much about them but it was sad watching them fight. To be honest, Jake seems like a complete ass-face. He kept talking down to her and was just acting really smug the whole time. I believe he has a temper. I believe he's a fame-whore. I also think Vienna may have been a little high maintenance, but really was getting nothing from him. She looked really upset and kind of broken from him so you can tell he really did a number on her. Ugh-this show occupies way too much of my time. I don't know why I get so sucked into this stuff! I think we all like to live vicariously through all these people!

Until next week...and now that I'm all caught up I can't wait to see what happens!

  • Ok, what do all of you guys think of who's left over? 
  • Who do you think Ali will pick??


  1. I really agree with your feelings on the guys. I think that Kirk is the best choice for her. I am biased, though, cause I am from the mid-west. He just seems like a down home boy. :) I also like Chris and feel for him with the loss of his mom, but I don't feel their connection either. I am not a huge fan of Frank...something is up with him but I am not sure what. I feel guilty for watching this silly show (especially when I watched Vienna and Jake last week) but I guess it's my escape from the babes and reality!! :)

  2. You know, I really like Kirk, too. I'd be happy if she picked him. I'm from Iowa and he just seems like somebody I'd know! Love it!