4 months old!

That's right folks, on Saturday the boys turned 4 mos! They are really starting to show major personality and I love it. They make us laugh every day....I think they're going to be silly like their daddy. 

Meet 4 month old Julian Tochi James:
  • Julian is now 14lbs 11.5 oz (50 %), 24 1/4 inches (45-50%) and has a head circumference of 42 (75%). 
(These % signs stand for "percentile". Which rates their size in comparison to all other 4 month olds. So, Julian's head is in the 75%, meaning his head is bigger than 75% of all other 4 month olds LOL)

Julian is such a happy baby. He smiles first thing in the morning, smiles at any and everyone who will talk to him. He doesn't talk a lot but makes up for it with his sweet grin.

Is a sleepy boy and usually does the best at night...but still wakes up.

He's always thinking and learning...

That tongue is ALWAYS sticking out and licking something, whether it's Mama or the Moby wrap or his hand or a toy..no sucking...just licking.

Loves being in the Moby wrap close to Mama. Constantly sucking on the sides and usually falls asleep.

Loves to sleep on anyone who will cuddle.

Enjoys tummy time because it's a prime position for him to suck on his hand.

Meet 4 month old Isaiah Chidi Hamilton:
  • Isaiah is 15 lbs 6.5 oz (70%) and 25 inches (50%). He has a head circumference of 43 (75%).
(The size of the boys now is amazing...they were born in the 5% for both height and weight...and have now caught up to other kids their age. If you adjust their age, since they were born 4 weeks early, to kids who are 4 weeks younger than them, they are actually in even higher percentiles. How awesome!)

OK, back to Isaiah:
Isaiah is a wild child....always keeping us on our toes.

He loves standing, especially up high. He also has quite the hair-do.
He drools non stop and loves to blow spit bubbles and raspberries with his tongue.

Is a very messy eater...we're still figuring out how to open our mouth wide for a spoon instead of sticking our tongue out when it comes. He does swallow all the food, just hasn't figured out how to open wide yet!

He is quite the talker and usually spends a good 70% of his awake time yelling or talking to someone or something. He has a VERY low voice...we call it his man voice. He also likes to wear his bib backwards like a cape. 

I'll leave you with a video of Isaiah doing his man voice:


  1. Love the "man voice!" Your boys are so cute. And savor those baby cuddles, that's what I miss most of all! :)


  2. i love the picture with your husband. so awesome actually.

  3. Alex- I couldn't stop giggling during that video-he's just so serious! I think he thinks he's singing!

    Jess- My husband does this with him all the time and Isaiah just sticks his chest out like he's so proud to be standing up so high haha

  4. Great pictures! happy four month birthdays! My Graham caught up with the other babies really fast also (he was born 5.5 weeks early).

  5. Thanks! I usually am not a fan of posts with 1000 pictures and rarely go through them but this time I couldn't resist! I had way too many cute ones to share and by the time I would have been able to create a blog about each one of them it would have been a month later!

  6. I love that their personalities are coming out and shining, happy 4 months boys! And LOL to the "man voice" he keeps looking at you like "you know what I'm saying ma?!"

  7. They both just crack me up. Today Julian thought he needed to screech and scream all afternoon. He wasn't mad or anything, just felt like screaming. Good thing Isaiah is a good sleeper!

  8. These are such great pictures! Thanks for the visit to my blog. You have a beautiful family!