180 Day

Since I had such a pissy post this morning I thought I'd tell you the day has definitely gotten better. 

The ant guy came and this time it was a different guy. He gave me 15 minutes to get the boys ready to go. I was so relieved. I'm tired of stinkin ants! Because we had to be out of the apartment for a minimum of two hours I walked to the mall a couple of blocks away with the boys. 

What a great trip! It's beautiful outside and it was good for me to get a little fresh air. Both boys were awake and quiet the entire two hours. Two hours with content, happy, 4 1/2 month old twin boys. I don't know what I did in a former life to deserve such well behaved kids but honestly, they are some of the most laid back and happy babies I've ever seen. 

We walked around the mall for awhile and parked the stroller by the carousel while I ate my Subway and they watched the carousel go round 'n round. We stopped in Barnes and Noble where I found a little kit about learning to play guitar on clearance. Chikezie got me a guitar for Christmas and I was too fat to play. My belly stuck out too far and I couldn't hold the guitar. Now I'm going to learn.

While in Barnes and Noble a lady asked me about the double stroller and her mom proceeded to baby talk to the boys. Julian just stared at her like she was an absolute idiot. Isaiah on the other hand, obliged her smiles and babbled a little and flashed her his sweet toothless grin. My little boys are so different :) I love it. 

Then we stopped at Old Navy where I found these and couldn't pass them up:

You know their Daddy has a thing about lions so I couldn't pass this up. 
(If you didn't know, go here to get a little taste of his obsession.)

And what's even cuter...I didn't notice they have stuff on the back:)

Not such a bad day after all. 
Thank you, Dudes. Thank you, Ant guy. Thank you, Old Navy.


  1. Chikezie is obsessed with lions. At this point if I see anything with a lion I feel guilty NOT getting it. It's a bit ridiculous!