you can take a girl off of the farm....

Summer mornings gazing down our 50 yard driveway, the air crisp and cool but hinting at the humidity and heat to come. Crickets quieting, the sun starting to peek through the seemingly ancient and massivly tall walnut trees lining the white gravel driveway. Birds chirping away in the canopy above, singing of the chores they'll take on that day. The sun lighting east/west facing gravel road at the end of the driveway and beyond that glowing on the east side of the corn stalks. I loved playing outside in the morning. You could hear a car coming for a half mile, a cow mooing from across the pond. 

I miss the farm. I miss our huge farm house, complete with 4 bedrooms, a sewing room, 2 1/2 bathrooms, laundry room, mud porch, powder room, car port and garage...and acres to explore! We had two enormous gardens, I had a tree house and swing set (which paled in comparison to roaming around with my dog using my imagination to entertain us both for hours on end). I rode my bike on the miles of gravel road around us, I helped my grandpa find tools in the shed that he had misplaced while restoring old John Deeres. I stood on the fence watching my dad feed pigs and use the bobcat to move troughs around the hog yard. I walked through our huge yard(s) collecting walnuts in my red wagon, pretending they were gold nuggets I could sell for millions of dollars. I rode on the 3 wheeler with my dad, careening the fields to find the cows. I explored the crick with my dog, looking for lost treasures and getting stuck in the mud. I spotted deer eating in the fields when I went on early evening walks. I practiced free throws on the basketball hoop on the cement slab in our driveway. I fished for bull head and got my fishing line stuck on trees in our muddy pond. I rang the huge iron dinner bell outside the front door so my dad would know it's time to eat no matter where he was on the acreage. 

No matter how long I live in the city, or in this foreign land of California, I will always miss the farm. I love the country and if I had a choice would chose to live in the country again. I want to live on a gravel road. I want my nearest neighbor to live a quarter mile down the road. I want a huge garden and I want to light fireworks in my driveway on the 4th of July without worrying about waking the neighbors. I want my sons to experience their childhood outdoors, exploring and imagining. We had 4 channels on our TV, which we really didn't need because I was off playing by myself half the time. Amazing, huh? An only child living in the country with no neighbors or anyone to play with and I kept myself entertained. I thank the farm for my vivid imagination. 

How cool is it that I grew up in the same house that my dad and aunts and uncles did? I grew up in the same house as my grandpa! Although we had slightly different experiences (my dad is one of six) we all know the farm and that house. We all have that. I'm so thankful for my childhood there. I miss the quietness of the country so much sometimes and hope someday Chikezie and I can move to the country where our boys can experience a bit of the pure awesomeness that I did when I was a little girl. 

Me, dad and my brothers and sister on a summer morning on the farm.

What are your favorite summer memories as a child? 
Are you a city or a country mouse?
What is something you experienced as a child that you want your kids to experience as well? 


  1. I never lived in the country but would trade it in anyday for the city as long as I could have the internet lol
    Best childhood memory being able to run around with all the neighbors and not have to worry about all the things we worry about now. Man we used to be able to leave our back in the front yard, sleep with the front door open,leave the gate to our pool open so others can enjoy now a days none of the above are possible. I remember staying out until the wee hours because our parents new all of our neighbors now a days you are lucky if you know the person next door let alone their name. I hope my son/future children have a huge backyard to run and play in one day and arent confined to small patio.

    Off the subject are your brothers twins? I always wondered if your babies were random twins or if it ran in the family

  2. You know, that's how it is in my hometown actually. My dad's neighbor has a swimming pool and they let my brothers and sister and other kids that live on the street play in it whenever. I don't even know if my dad locks his doors at night, and they definitely don't lock their car doors. But my hometown also has less than 2000 people which makes it relatively safe.

    And actually, my brothers and sister are triplets! They're 14 now (I'm 11 years older). My mom had them through IVF actually but there are twins on my mom's side of the family, even though I had no idea about it when I got pregnant. And coincidentally, my husband is a twin! Twins come from the mother's side so it's just a crazy coincidence that my hubby has a twin brother as well :)

  3. Mandey, I can relate wholeheartedly =).