June 23, 2010

we need YOU!

So I entered the boys into the Parent's Magazine Cover contest. No, I'm not going to be a crazy stage mom. My sons will not compete in beauty pageants. Although I think Julian would make one pretty girl LOL.  Turns out I got an email saying they're selected to be one of the weekly Reader's Choice finalists. The finalists enter the semi-finals and I guess the winner gets to go to NYC for a photo shoot to be on the cover. 

I'm guessing there are thousands of entries so our chances are slim..however yesterday was our first day of voting and the boys are in 81st place after one day. I figured that was pretty good so far (if my assumption that there are thousands of entries is correct. If there are only 82 entries than maybe not so much).

The voting ends on June 27 and we need your help! This is totally a long shot but like every mom, I think my kids are the cutest on the planet. 

Click on the link below to vote....you can vote once a day so if you REALLY want to help go ahead and vote as much as your little heart desires :)

Here is the photo I used for the contest-you can't tell me they wouldn't look cute on a cover! I'm tired of the same old blonde haired big blue eyed "all-American" generic babies on the cover of this magazine so how about some baby Dudes? They work so well as a team :)


  1. i voted! i was going to enter my boys but i didn't have a cute enough picture of the two of them in the right time frame, and was too lazy to try to get a new one. :)

  2. Oh I voted! I had Ruari in that contest too. I hope you do well! What CUTE babes!

  3. I voted! Parents magazine seems some variety. And bi-racial babies rule! (Even though mine look nothing like me).

  4. YESSSSS! You guys are the best :)

  5. oh my gosh. your kid's look like little men!

  6. Your sons are sooooo cute!!! I absolutely love your blog. I found it via the Lady Bloggers Society and am so glad I did. I have definitely bookmarked it and will be visiting it often. Blogging is totally new to me (my site has only been up a little over a month), but I am having a blast with it. Here's my link. Hope you drop by to say hello.



  7. Allison! I love your blog! I love the idea of trying something new each week...I really need to follow in your footsteps and get out of my comfort zone. That is the only way to truly experience all life has to offer is when you go out of your way to find things you'd never try!

    Thank you for stopping by-I look forward to reading more of your adventures!

  8. Thank you everyone for voting :) Sadly, we ended up in like 700th place or something like that-WHERE do all these people get so many votes?? Sheesh! lol


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