Happy Tuesday Ya'll! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, the boys were extra sleepy but only slept soundly if I held them. The second I put them down it was instantly two fussy dudes. 

So I had a pretty good weekend! I did my usual run on Saturday morning and actually went farther than 5K. I ran the 3.1 miles and then walked another mile. Although I learned my lesson about getting out of the house before 9am, the sun came out and it got very warm with no breeze very quickly. The heat can definitely make a run really suck. Because then I'm not really lost in my thoughts but so focused on how hot I am and how much my eyes are burning from the sweat running in them. I guess there won't be much sleeping in on Saturdays. (Like I sleep in anyways. I have babies!)

Immediately after my run I quickly got ready, packed up Isaiah and headed to the Irvine farmer's market.If I go somewhere on the weekends I usually take one boy with me. It makes it easier on Chikezie than being home with two and it's nice to only have one kid at a time when I go somewhere. It was getting warm out and I was wearing him on me so I didn't stay too long for fear of him getting overheated. I did manage to pick up some sweet corn and organic strawberries and fresh flowers. I also found this CUTE hand made purse:

I love vintage material and patterns and this purse was just too cute to pass up. It's huge on the inside so I can fit all the stupid junk I have into it. At the stand of the woman who made these purses was a card for an indie arts and crafts fair on Sunday in Santa Ana (15 minutes from our place) and I immediately knew I was going. I imagined it would be an etsy shop in real life. I was right! I LOVED the arts and crafts fair. provides more information on the patchwork art shows if you live in the So Cal area. 
Here are the cute finds I picked up there:
A melted Marvin Gaye album morphed into a bowl! I knew Chikezie would get a kick out of it:) Love it!

Coasters made with old sheet music inside. We desperately needed new coaters. We had some wood ones from Urban Outfitters but they suck because they stick to the glass when you lift it up. Then the coaster drops back down onto the table making a loud noise and waking babies. Seriously the last thing we need right now. But I digress...

Ahh I love this! It was only $5 and I should have gotten more! It's a vintage button on a hair pin. She had so many I absolutely love it. I'm going to start searching Etsy to find some vintage buttons so I can make some of these of my own.

These orchid hair clips are essentially fake orchids hot glued onto a hair clip. How easy is that! I think next week I'm going to the craft store to make some of these myself with different flowers. I'd love to make a hair clip with hydrangeas on it-they are some of my favorite flowers. 

Anyways-so many cute finds! There is another show later this month in Long Beach and I may just have to make another trip! Any so cal ladies care to join?? 


  1. omg love that Marvin Gaye bowl do they have a website

  2. Um he DOES have a website...I'll look for his card to find it. I did go to the site though and he only sells wallets/notebooks made out of old album covers on the site. You have to go to the show to find the bowls I think. There's another show in Long Beach on June 27-go to - they have more info there.