Running Fool

Yesterday I ran my first 5K since giving birth to the boys 3 months ago. It. Was. Awesome. The run went a lot faster than I thought it would and it was perfect weather for a morning run; a little cloudy and upper 60's. The sun came out by the end of the race and it was beautiful. 

I'll say one thing, was SO hard to get my hiney out of bed! The race was at 7am so I needed to be up and ready to go a little after 6. I set my alarm for 5:30 and pushed snooze until 5:50 and thought "Crap! There's no way I'm going to be late for this!" I'd gotten my running clothes and number ready the night before but really forgot all the stuff I need for race preparation. I've run a few 5K's and an 8K before so I'm not new this but it's been a year since my last race and in that time, you tend to forget all the preparation needed before the race. Don't worry though I got there on time and ready, except for one thing...

I forgot...

to charge...



My battery was at 20% so I figured I'd save the tunes for my run. I haven't used an ipod yet during a race but upon looking at pictures of last year's finishers, many people were wearing them them so I figured there weren't any rules against it. Plus I figured it would be nice to have some Black Eyed Peas or Jay Z to cheer me on. 

My watch must have been a few minutes off because I was waiting to "start workout" on the Nike+ app on my ipod until I crossed the start line, because all of a sudden the announcer yelled "30 seconds until start time!!". As everyone was cheering and getting themselves psyched for the run, I was flustering to get my stupid ipod set up correctly. If you don't have Nike+, it's the sensor in my shoe that correlates to my ipod. It allows me to customize work outs, set goals, record times, etc. If you have new Nike running shoes you should have the option to get Nike+. It's only $30 and I've loved it so far. Well, the stupid touch screen on my ipod wasn't working underneath the plastic arm band I had it in. So here I was, crossing the start line fumbling with my ipod. I'm sure I looked like a total fool! LOL. It took me a few seconds and the wrong playlist to get it together but I got it figured out. (I'm sorry Bob Marley, you just don't motivate me to go any faster.) 

After that little mishap, the run went smoothly. It was a pretty flat course and ran through a residential and tree-lined neighborhood. It was nice to hear from my Nike+ when I reached 1K, 2K, halfway, 1K left and 500 meters, 400, 300, 200 and 100 counted down. I stayed at my own pace throughout while some people passed me, I passed others and some, a few times of each. (Those walk/run people will walk slow then run really fast and then get tired quickly and walk again, might as well just run slow, I think.) 

The ipod said I ran farther than a 5K, I don't know who to trust more, the race or my ipod but since I've been training with the ipod, I went off of that. It says I ran 5.42K in 37 minutes, which averages a 10:58 mile. Not bad, I say! Crossing the finish line is a complete feeling of accomplishment and a complete rush. I felt so proud of myself and what I've accomplished a mere couple months since giving birth. I forgot how much I enjoyed racing until I crossed that finish line and instantly got the motivation to do more. I've signed up to run the Magic Shoe 5K on June 12 in Newport Beach, the MLB All Star Game Charity 5K in Anaheim on July 11 (that one runs through Angel's Stadium!) and will be training this summer for the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon on my birthday, October 17.  

I can not WAIT to start training. Today is an off day for me but tomorrow starts my more consistent training routine. It's hard to get up and work out or run if you don't have a goal. I've learned competition (with myself) is what gets me going and trust me, I'm going to win this one :)


  1. *smile* Wow, Congratulations! I hope to get down to that pace one day :)


  2. Thanks! It's a lot of hard work running so much but I know no matter how much it sucks sometimes I always feel good afterward.