patience is a virtue

Yesterday's trip to the mall required the patience only a twin mama can have. I wanted to walk to the mall to just look around and be outside. I've been holing up at our apartment because I'm getting really tired of our Snap 'n Go stroller and it's lack of mobility. It was a good idea in theory, having a stroller that collapsed to virtually nothing and that the car seats would snap right into. The only thing is that if I want to get anything in the basket underneath I basically have to take a car seat off of the frame. The other problem is with turning corners and going over bumps. This stroller really is just a basic frame and it has no shock absorption whatsoever and the frame I have has fixed wheels which makes turning corners a lot of work. I have to really apply a lot of force to one side of the stroller to get it to steer another way-kind of like a skate board. All this pressure on each side is actually bad for the frame, which creaks and squeaks every time I turn. Really safe. that was the first major annoyance of my trip. 

I fed both boys before we left, and it was early afternoon which is their really sleepy time. I figured they'd have full tummies and be extra sleepy. Isaiah, the one who's usually fighting sleep passed out right away. Julian stayed awake all the way to the mall and after a stop for more milk (in Old Navy) he finally kind of fell asleep. I've really learned just to stop whenever they're hungry no matter where we are. We've had a milk break in the lawn and garden section of Target before. I got a few weird stares but my boys were happy so who cares. 

Well, they didn't stay asleep for long. In part to the shafty stroller and the fact that every big bump would startle them out of sleep. Julian was fussy again and I think he was just tired of being in the car seat. We stopped for a minute at the Starbucks in Target and he finally looked like he'd fall back to sleep. I didn't get the things I wanted and just figured I'd come back to the mall by myself another day. I made the executive decision we should probably head home. Halfway back through the mall Isaiah, who'd been awake but content for awhile, was suddenly hungry. There are no good places for me to sit where I can sit and feed both boys without hoards of looks and attention so I walked inside down the hallway to the bathroom thinking maybe there'd be a family bathroom. Nothing. So, the boys and I plopped down on the floor in the hallway. I took both car seats off the stroller, one on each side of me, and fed them as people walked by me on their way to the john. So glamorous, my life :) 

We were finally all semi-content and I had about 1/2 mile to get back home. Isaiah was squirmy so I strapped him into the bjorn and thought Julian could handle the 10 minute walk back. I was wrong. He was so angry about having to sit in the stroller while his brother (who was now fast asleep) was close to Mama. Well, Julian just had to deal with it for a few minutes, which is one things twins really learn quickly. Sometimes, Mama just can't hold you. 

Finally, we were about 2 blocks from home and here's Julian red faced, screaming, sweating and to the point of tears. My heart was broken! I was watching him cry the whole time, just trying to get home but I finally couldn't take it. So, I picked up Julian and walked with the stroller to the door of our apartment. What a sight I probably was. Pushing an empty double stroller down the sidewalk, sleeping baby in a bjorn on my chest, another baby in my right arm red faced and tired. 

I went on to feed and bathe both boys before daddy got home and then completely relished the hour of silence and meditation I got in my yoga class. 

That trip lasted a total of maybe 3 hours. Not once did I lose my patience or wits. I know I've always been a pretty patient person, but yesterday truly tested that. I thank God for giving me that patience, he must have known I was going to have to put it to good use one day :)


  1. Yay for getting back all in one piece! At least you got Starbucks though right? That always makes my day better!

  2. Well..... I really wanted some caffeine but the boys were fussing and I didn't want to wait for the guy to make a drink-he was SO slow! So I just grabbed a bottle of water thinking it would be quicker. Well apparently there was a problem with his scanner and it charged me $.67 for both the water and the sandals I got. And he couldn't ring me I had to go stand in the "express" line behind someone who cut me off and a lady who had like 10 gift cards and coupons to use! I really wish I could have had some caffeine at that point!