Our little Houdini

Well, we had our first trip to the emergency room at 4 am this Father's Day morning. Don't worry...everybody is fine! It probably didn't look or sound that way at the scene of the accident. 

Last night both boys fell asleep around 10, I had Isaiah, Chikezie had Julian. I'd swaddled Isaiah and put him in the swing and Julian was nice and sleepy so I put him in his bed and I followed. I was drained-yesterday was a long and busy day. I left Isaiah in the swing because Chikezie was on the couch watching TV and lots of times we'll just leave whoever is sleeping in the swing there until one of us comes to bed. Sometimes (like the night before) Chikezie falls asleep on the couch and baby just sleeps in the swing until he wakes up to eat. Friday night he happened to sleep until like 6 am so he was pretty much in the swing all night while Chikezie slept on the couch a few feet from him.

Fast forward to 3:30 am, Julian wakes up ready for food, I change him and bring him into bed with me to feed him. We're about half way through the bottle and I hear THUMP and WAAAHHH!! My heart sank to my stomach, I put Julian down on the bed and ran into the living room-Isaiah is on the floor crying. Holy crap. My son just fell out of his swing. I scared the crap out of Chikezie because I like half yelled when I saw him on the floor-Chikezie thought we were in the middle of an earthquake or something. (He wakes up VERY disoriented haha) I'm crying trying to calm Isaiah who is crying. I'm kneeling with him on the floor just balling. From the day they were born I've just replayed this image in my head of them falling off of something. I don't know why that scares me so much but because of that my reaction was very extreme! Chikezie gets his bearings and turns on the light so we can check him out. 

We finally get him calm and he has a big red mark on the right side of his forehead and face. Chikeze gets Julian from the bedroom because he's crying-and spits up on Chikezie. Chaos! Crying wife and baby, puking baby, frazzled Daddy. Chikezie is trying to calm me down because I'm SO worked up about this, I'm literally shaking and feel nauseous! I don't know why I had that reaction, I mean Isaiah was done crying by that time but I was fearing he had a concussion or brain injury or who knows what. I immediately called the ped office's phone nurse to see what we need to do or look for. She says because the fall wasn't that far and we heard a cry right afterward that he was probably fine but we needed to take him into the ER just as a safety precaution. 

I feed Isaish because he's hungry by then and get us both ready to go to the hospital. Chikezie tries to get Julian back to sleep to keep him on as normal of a schedule as possible and Isaiah is babbling and talking to me like normal haha. 

Isaiah falls asleep on the way to the hospital which is only a 5 min drive down the freeway (I'm glad we live so close to the freeway and the hospital). When we get inside a resident takes Isaiah's blood pressure/pulse with this little thing they wrapped on his finger. We didn't even have to take him out of is car seat and he slept right through everything. As I waited for the doctor to come see us I just replayed the whole night in my mind. How did he get out of the swing? I know I shouldn't have put him in the swing already wrapped because his legs weren't through the straps, the buckle was just snapped around his legs inside the blanket. But we swaddle them pretty tight and when I found him on the floor (hardwood) he was still in the blanket! However, one of the buckles was undone. How on earth did that thing come undone? How did he wiggle that much in only a few minutes to get out? (A few minutes before the accident I walked by him to our other room to get a burp cloth and he was fine!) We have no idea how he got out, but let me tell you I felt like the worst mom EVER.

The doctor checked Isaiah, no fractures to his skull, not even a bump anywhere. No blood behind the ear drums. We didn't even need to wake him every hour to monitor him. Thankfully, our swing is pretty close to the ground, only about a foot up so it wasn't that far of a fall. The doctor commended me on brining him in and that some parents assume the baby is fine and the worst ends up happening. Isaiah slept the whole way home, drank about an ounce and passed out on Mama within a few minutes of getting into bed. I admit, I didn't want to put him down so he slept with me for awhile. We all slept in pretty late this morning because it was a long night!

So, we got that over with. First trip to the emergency room. Everyone survived. I think I was more freaked out than any of us. I still can't believe I had such an intense reaction, but there really wasn't any way for me to control that. Thank goodness for Chikezie- I was too busy freaking out to turn on the lights to look at him. Chikezie's first reaction was to check him out. Good thinking Daddy lol Mama is too busy freaking out! At the time I thought it was my worst nightmare coming true-now we can look back and kind of laugh at it. 

Isaiah is doing great today-being his normal spit bubbles-babbling-smiling self. 

Ugh. I still have no idea how he got out of that chair.Little Houdini already has me on my toes. 


  1. I SO know how you feel as something like this has happened to Drake a few times! I freaked out too!

  2. I knew something was bound to happen some day but just wasn't expecting it in the middle of the night-and so soon! I think now that we got that one out of the way maybe the next times won't be so bad haha

  3. It truly does happen to the best of us! My son fell off our couch two times when he was an infant and I too completely flipped out. It's hard to watch your helpless, innocent child be in pain. You so are not the worst Mama ever!!! Though I know we all feel like that when something like this happens. I'm just so glad to hear Isaiah is fine!!

  4. The SAME exact thing happened to Carter when he was 3 months old. It was 2am & I was in the kitchen making him a bottle, (he was in his swing asleep next to my bed) next thing I know THUMP & then a screaming baby. Don't feel bad, they manage to do some tricky things behind our backs! Keep writing, I love reading your blogs ;)

  5. Thanks everyone! Glad to know I'm not the only one with babies who can not defy laws of gravity LOL. At least now I'm prepared when Julian decides to get his initiation into childhood haha!

  6. Mine used to do the same thing as well when he was a baby. Something I told my toddler was "You're trying to kill your Mommmy aren't you?" He gave me a few scares when he was younger but now at the tender age of 3 he's a bit of a daredevil. Thankfully he's been preparing me for these things but I won't lie.. The first times I saw him doing flips off the couch before he was 2 years old made my heart drop as I ran to catch him. He laughed and kept doing it.

    You responded well to the situation and I'm glad to hear he's doing well. :)


  7. Oh my goodness I'm afraid of what these little dudes will be pulling when they reach that age! You're right...I think they really do want us to age quicker. I predict grey hairs by my 30's LOL!

  8. Awww, how scary, I'm glad he's ok. I'm sure you took it so hard because it was was the 'first accident', a lot of anxiety and dread were probably built up for that moment. I would have freaked out hard core too.
    I can imagine how Chikezie woke up mega confused, that's how Bob is when he's suddenly woken up. Good work to both of you for taking him to the ER right away to make sure he was alright. Hopefully tonight is less eventful and everyone gets more sleep :)

  9. It is so heartbreaking when your little one is hurt and you feel that you should have prevented it. Every one of my three kids fell or was dropped and I freaked each time. I felt horrible. I'll never forget it, but I'm reasonably certain as they are now aged 10-16 that they weren't damaged -- I'll know better once they are no longer teenagers.

  10. Even a few days later I'm still occasionally replaying those moments in my head! It was definitely a wake up call for me to be even MORE careful now. LOL Talk about paranoid!