ode to the twin mama

I'm sitting here with Julian passed out on my chest and Isaiah contently rocking in the swing for going on 3 hours now. I can not even comprehend what good things I must have done to deserve these two little blessings. Each day I go through so many motions without truly appreciating what it is I'm doing here. Being a mother is undoubtedly the most challenging responsibility I've ever been given. Being the mother of twins is absolutely the greatest blessing I've ever received. 

I had a woman tell me yesterday, upon discovering I had twins, that she was glad she only had one baby at a time. At first I was somewhat taken aback and mildly offended by her comment. I was in the public restroom changing one baby's diaper as the other sat whimpering in the stroller behind me. To a woman who's only had one child, or none at all, two babies at once may seem completely overwhelming or somehow more of a burden on me. They fail to realize though that the women who are doubly blessed, are so not because they are the only ones deserving of two children at once, but because they possess the strength and love to take on the task. Not just anyone can have multiples. 

So, as this woman commented that she was glad she only had one baby at a time I responded, " Me too". This reply wasn't in effort to be rude but was the honest truth. I'm glad she only had one baby at a time, partly because her comment suggested she was probably someone who would never be able to handle the task; and that's not a bad thing. It takes energy and patience beyond belief every day to raise twins. Some families with two children close in age may know a portion of that experience but will never fully comprehend what it means to be the mother of twins. 

As I sit here looking at my two little miracles, I just can not believe my eyes. Such perfect little toes, fingers, noses and cheeks. Strong little legs, sweet lips and curious personalities. Both very much alike and completely different at the same time. Some couples aren't able to have any children of their own let alone one, or two, or three and I am so unbelievably honored that I was chosen for this. 

Here's to all mothers - to enjoying and taking in every moment of motherhood. Here's to mothers playing with their children, teaching them, exploring the world with them. Here's to all of the mothers of twins...the mothers who do everything that all other mothers do, but twice. Here's to all of the diapers we change, mouths we feed, clothes we wash, smiles we see, games we play, cuddles we get, cries we soothe, and babies we love. 

Here's to my two, absolutely perfect wonders; you've managed to teach me so much in only the few short months you've been around and I can't wait to thank you with love every single day.


  1. very nicely said and agreed
    PS love your photography skills what do u shoot with?

  2. Thanks! I actually only shoot with a Casio EX-Z105 point and shoot! I've gotten good at editing so it looks like I have a more expensive camera haha! Hopefully we'll be getting a nice DSLR soon. You can see more of my pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mandeyhatler/

  3. yea you could have fooled me. I'm the opposite just got the nice canon T1i but learning how to use it and haven't touched any software :O)