no bikini for me

Yes ladies, it's that time of year most of us dread the most; swimsuit shopping season. I braved the racks this weekend for a suit that would suit (hehe) my new body. I've always been kind of weary about shopping for swimsuits. The lighting in those dressing rooms are usually less than flattering and the sizes just never seem to work right. I always leave the store less than stoked about my purchase and when I get home, it never looks the same as it did in the store. 

Before I was pregnant I could get away with some barely there suits. My old suit was like this:
With my B-size chest and flat tummy, this worked out great on my pear shape. I got Large bottoms to fit my curvy butt and a small top for my little upper half. Minimal tan lines, fairly slimming...loved it. Let's not even talk about the push up top I got from Victoria's Secret a few months before I got pregnant. My ta-tas can't even think about fitting into it anymore and I'm super bummed. 

Well, today this suit doesn't quite work for my not so much pear-shaped body. My hips and butt are still the biggest part of my body but my waist is completely different now. Lots of extra skin and fat and stretch marks are not exactly what I want hanging out in the sun with me. And that little bandeau top? No way, sister. Mama went up 2 cup sizes after pregnancy and those little tops only make me look saggy. I know with weight loss they may shrink back down a little (let's hope! I hate these big things!) but for now I have to find something that works for my new body as it transitions. I've never really gone for a one piece before because I have a very long torso and though the length does grow with bigger sizes, so does the top. And I'm sorry, my top half is much smaller than the bottom. Also, with one pieces they seem to be a one-size-fits all on your body. If I get a Large to fit my hips, the top is saggy. If I get a Medium to fit my top, the bottom is squishing my fat out! Well, to my surprise and willingness to try on ones I didn't think would work, I found two. 

This one from Old Navy (but in dark purple): 
The scrunched mid piece is perfect for covering my tummy and the cute halter top gives me the right amount of support and coverage.

And this one from Target:
This also has a strap to help hold up the top if I'm splashing in the pool or dealing with babies. I like that this one won't give me many tan lines, is slimming and helps cover my trouble spots.

I found 2 suits that I think look pretty decent. That's right, I laid out by the pool this weekend in one of my new suits and said "be damned!" to not getting a good California girl tan. Since pregnancy, I've really learned to accept my body as it is in the moment and not compare it to how I want it to look in the future. Who cares about my dimply thighs and flabby arms right now? People are too busy worrying about how they look at the beach or pool to really focus on how I look. Plus, nobody knows I gave birth to twins a couple of months ago, work out like a fiend  and am damn proud of what my body has been through in the past year. So I laid out for a couple hours.

And got fried....


  1. Good for you!! I think I'm going to stick to a nursing tank and some running shorts or something. On top of the added weight, I'm worried about the acne scars I picked up. I got the worst acne ever while pregnant and it's just recently let up. I don't plan on being in the sun much since Logan can't be in the sun. Maybe next summer...

  2. You know, it took a lot for me to finally be like-screw it! I'm laying out and I don't care what I look like! Haha. It was a strange new confidence and good feeling laying out knowing I didn't look perfect but had the confidence to flaunt what I got haha!

  3. I didn't think I would ever find a suit to fit my body but these look awesome! I'll definitely check those out this weekend. :)


  4. Target and Old Navy are the best! Cheap clothes that have lots of variety and sizes.