I don't get it!

I have two children who either want me to lose my mind or who are going through a growth spurt. I've been back and forth between fussy babies all day long so this is going to be short and sweet!

Dear LA Lakers Fans:

I don't get it. I seriously do not understand the rioting and violence after winning the championship. Since when were celebrations so angry? I consider myself a pretty intense Hawkeye Football fan, and not once, even after "The Catch" or after any of our crazy nail biting wins last season did I get the urge to mob the streets, start fire to things, vandalize stores, torment drivers by, etc. I just don't get it! Riots? Riots. Seriously?? I mean, maybe its a pro basketball thing. Maybe I just don't understand the mind of the typical NBA fan. I don't watch basketball so I'm not going to pretend to know what goes through your heads. I find it kind of depressing and embarrassing that the majority of LAPD needed to be patrolling downtown LA last night in fear of the riots and violence that plagued the streets last year. I thought we were all grown ups. I thought when people were excited about something they cheered and hugged and laughed and jumped up and down. I mean, that's typically my reaction when I'm happy about stuff. 

A newscaster last night stated, "I guess some people just don't know how to celebrate". Really? How do you not know how to celebrate? Isn't it just an instinctual reaction; feelings of joy and elation? Smiles and laughter? Frankly, I find the fact that you've all decided rioting is a form of celebration makes you all look very ignorant and really turns me away from even vaguely liking your team. I"m not saying all Lakers fans are dumb, just the ones who start crap on fire in the streets and act like raging idiots. 


If anyone can please explain this to me-I'm more than happy to be enlightened on the subject. 


  1. I skipped over most of the Lakers stuff...I'm not a huge basketball fan, much less understand violence after a win!?!?

    Anyway, I just wanted to say Logan's been way off today, too. Nursing non-stop, fussy, sleepy, just generally not his typical happy go-lucky self. I think it's another growth spurt...

  2. I don't get it either. Being really excited about something does not inspire me to set my city on fire.

  3. I consider myself to be a huge fan of any Chicago sport and the Lakers and I cannot explain the behavior of this people. It is embarassing for the rest of us Lakers fans. I think that some of those people aren't necessarily lakers fans but rather went out with the intentions of "starting something". There are a lot of people in LA that love the Lakers and supported them in an appropriate way but those few ruined it for the rest of us. I can also tell you, it's definitely NOT an NBA thing.

  4. The people on the news were saying most of the violence was started by people outside the game not necessarily people who watched it at the bars or at the game itself. It's just ridiculous! This year was not as bad as last year and because we're local we saw lots of news coverage on all of it-I just can't understand how people act like that. I guess being from the Midwest, I expect people to act a certain way :) But I know the majority of Lakers fans (and basketball fans in general) who are completely normal and NOT crazy.

    Tina- Yeah I'm pretty sure this is a growth spurt. They say at 3 months they have one but accounting for the boys being a little early maybe they're hitting it late. It's especially difficult with two babies! One will fall asleep after eating and then the other will be hungry, will play awhile and get fussy-eat again and then fall asleep. As soon as I put him down (because the other is waking up) he wakes up fussing! Back and forth ALL day haha