Flashback Friday: Summer Fun

Pure and complete awesomeness: running through the sprinkler. The water was always ice cold and startled you the first few times you ran through it. Squeals of excitement echoed through the back yards on steaming summer afternoons. My aunt would bring out apples and peanut butter or cheese sticks or popsicles for us to snack on. We'd sit in the shade long enough to catch our breath and lose a few water wrinkles and would go back to the fun.
The picture above is of me and my little cousin Zach running through the sprinkler in his back yard on what was probably a typical humid and scorching Iowa summer afternoon. There was nothing better than playing outside in the sun and getting splashed by freezing cold hose water. We did this for hours. Or until someone went inside crying because they got hurt or were wrinkled.

His was the best kind of sprinkler too, because it was continuously spinning and had the same amount of water spraying out all over. I hated the sprinklers that went back and forth on two different modes. You know the ones I'm talking about! The ones that squirt quick bursts one way and then a fire hose spray on it's way back. The water stung when it came out of those.

We had a pretty good sprinkler at my house kind of like this one:

Melnor 300 Oscillating Sprinkler With Brass Nozzles
 These were pretty awesome because they spray out a long ways and it doesn't hurt when the water hits you. Plus, you could block off a bunch of the holes and drink out of one at a time. Or you could pick the sprinkler up and water the plants/house/dog. 

I'm excited to watch my boys enjoy summer like I did when I was little. We will definitely have a sprinkler at our house and you bet your hiney I'll be running through, too :)


  1. My daughter loves to run through the sprinklers!

    My sister and I used to do it too! And if our sprinkler was broken we used the low budget way: squirt the hose in the air then run under the water that fell down. It was awesome!

  2. Woo we used to do that too! Unless one of us got in trouble for squirting the other with the hose too much LOL

  3. BTW, I have an award for you on my blog.

  4. I love this photo. Took me back in an instant. We have water restrictions in Australia during summer, but they've made a special rule that excludes kids running under sprinklers. Essential summer fun.

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  6. Jennifer-THANK YOU!!! :)

    Alison- Banning running through the sprinkler would be criminal! It's the best waste of water EVER lol!