I finally found a stroller! You all know how I've been complaining about our double snap-n-go stroller and how it's really not conducive to my active lifestyle. The snap-n-go is nice to have when I'm taking the kids down to the car or someplace where I need the car seats. With twins, things like getting your babies to the car becomes a big deal and carrying both car seats at the same time is not an option (especially if I have more than just them, like shopping bags, the diaper bag, etc.) So the snap-n-go comes in handy during those excursions, however really isn't the best stroller for going for walks or being in large groups of people like at the mall. The snap-n-go was just too long and wonky to get through doors, ran into racks a the store, and was just difficult in general to maneuver at all. 

After a few weeks of scouring craigslist (which is where we got the snap-n-go and car seats for $125 total!) I finally found a jogging stroller. The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller is one I had originally seen at Babies 'R Us before the boys were born and I got a chance to push it around a little and check it out in real life. I even remember taking a picture of it as a stroller I liked. They sell brand new for around $220 which is a pretty decent price for a double stroller. However, I really refuse buying baby stuff brand new. So many first time moms think they need to pay an arm and a leg for the hippest, nicest baby stuff and really end up not using it that often or not for long when their kids outgrow it. I would have paid around $300 for our snap-n-go and car seats had I got them brand new...and I'm tired of it already! 

I got the Expedition on craigslist from a woman who had just got it a couple of months ago, found out she was pregnant with their 3rd kid and would be needing a different stroller that would hold the car seat instead. It had only been used a handful of times and get this-I only paid $110 for it! The stroller looks pretty much new. There are a few scuffs here but that's really the only way you can tell it's not brand new. Tires look hardly used and the stroller itself is in perfect shape. 

I took the boys out for a walk yesterday in it and we all three LOVED it!
The boys enjoying the new digs before our walk!

Some things about the Expedition I love:
  • The front swivel wheel. The stroller turns on a dime! It also has a lock button.
  • The stroller itself pushes like a dream. It is so smooth and easy to push-requires very little effort and is SO much easier than the snap-n-go.
  • The mesh back lining of each seat provides lots of air to flow through. It was pretty warm yesterday but the mesh made it easy for the breeze to keep the boys cool.
  • The seats recline nicely and I kept it in the laying down position so the boys could fall asleep (which they did for the majority of an hour)
  • There are mesh pockets on the inside by each boy, which was nice for holding their pacifiers.
  • The cup holder is big and the middle compartment is huge-and fit my keys, chapstick, phone, and sunblock. Much bigger than the snap-n-go which really only fit my phone.
  • The sun shade is AWESOME because it's not connected to the back of the stroller. This allowed me to move it as we turned directions so the sun was never in the boy's eyes and really was only on their little feet the whole time. Plus I like pushing it forward just a little so I can see the boy's heads below me. 
  • AND there's an ipod hook up w/a mini speaker. This way we can all jam out while out on our walks! 
The underneath pockets are a little small but there are also pockets on the back of each seat for storage. I really didn't have much with me yesterday so I don't know how that'll work. Lots of times I don't take a full diaper bag with me, just the changing pad that holds wipes/diapers and then a mini thermal bag w/2 bottles in it. 

The boys loved facing forward instead of laying down in their car seats in the snap-n-go. They were able to look at everything around us and actually fell asleep fairly quickly. I was out with them for about an hour before Julian woke up hungry. 

SO excited to keep using this stroller-I've been holed up in our apartment for too long because of our other stroller and I know the boys love being outside. I see many walks in our future! 


  1. omg I just found your blog and your boys are SO cute. It is definitely NOT helping my "baby fever", which has been hitting me hard for about the last month or so.


  2. Thank you! I could totally take a video any day of both of them screaming. I actually told my husband I should post something like that saying "This could happen to you" LOL! Good birth control HAH!

    P.S. Your blog is Hil.Arious.

  3. thank you!

    and that video idea might work! I think one crying baby would be enough to scare me a little, but TWO would be even better! I don't know how moms like you do it, but I definitely give you props!

  4. I have this stroller to but just a single I absolutely love it and also to add to your list its great for tall people no more slouching over to reach the handles even for my bf who is 6'6" I recomend getting a "mommy hook" to hold your purse or diaper bag :O)

  5. Sabrina- I saw those clips at the store and didn't get one because I didn't know how great they worked but now that you recommend it I might have to!