difficult subjects

The following series of photos shows how quickly a happy photo session can go downhill fast. How fitting that Isaiah's shirt says "Here Comes TROUBLE". 

With a few clicks of the camera, Isaiah has decided he is done. Julian, however remains expressionless. 
The joys of having twins :)

Happy Friday Friends!!


  1. THIS is what I see... (LOL)

    First pic- Isaiah is happy and Julian has a "oh, what's that" look.

    Second pic- Isaiah "He's not gonna do it, is he?" Julian- "OH, I know what that is!"

    Third pic- Isaiah "Sick, dude!" Julian- GRUNT...PFFFT, Rumble Rumble

    Fourth pic- Isaiah "NOOOO!" Julian- "What did I do?"


  2. Photographing twins together gets easier (but also harder). Once they're a little bigger, catching them in the same frame is what's impossible. And then even bigger, and the challenge is getting them not to make silly faces at the camera!

  3. Sadia-I don't know WHAT I'm going to do when they're mobile. Maybe I'll just take two pictures and awkwardly photoshop them together HA!