Date Night!

Last night Chikezie and I went on our first date together since his mom left here a couple of days after Easter. We both REALLY needed a break from babies, as we really haven't been out in 3 months. 

I made sure to have the boys bathed and fed when our friends arrived to watch the boys. My worst fear was that Isaiah (who's been fussy because he's a bit constipated) would be fussy and uncomfortable the whole time we were gone. We had bottles ready to go and everybody was clean and fed and happy when we left. It took me forever to get out the door though because I was trying not forget to tell anything; if one boy cries what will help him, which boy likes to rock in the swing, what to do if Isaiah needs to poop and is screaming or something, where to find clothes in case there's a blow out or someone pukes everywhere, etc. Sheesh! There's a lot to taking care of babies that I don't think about until I have to try to explain it all! 

Needless to say, we got out the door in time to catch a quick bite and grab a beer (yes I actually FINISHED a beer) before heading to see The Lion King at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. We sat in the 3rd tier, which is the highest but I think no matter where you sit, when you get to see something so awesome live, there really isn't a bad seat. 

Here's a sneak peek at the show:

the show.



From the people who design the costumes, to the music, to the dancing-all of it was so creative and such an awesome interpretation. The performers were so talented and ohmygosh the singing was breathtaking. Chikezie and I loved the woman who played Rafiki the monkey; Phindile Mkhize. Her voice is so piercing and gave me chills every time she opened her mouth. Below are a couple of videos I found on Youtube of her singing in the show. She has such a unique voice you really HAVE to listen to these :)

We downloaded the soundtrack as soon as we got home and just had the best time. We returned home to find quiet and content little boys who looked like they had a good time hanging with their friends :) It turns out the boys were on their best behavior the whole time and there were no major explosions of any kind- yay! Thank you so much to Adam and Kelly for watching the dudes and giving us a MUCH needed night out!

Who volunteers to come over next month?? 


  1. Glad you had a fun night out! Ben and I try and have date nights at home every couple of weeks. After Drake goes to bed we make a nice dinner and watch a movie or hang out outside. It feels like a date since it is not something we do on a nightly basis.

  2. That's a great idea! We've tried the dinner w/wine after the kids fall asleep but we're usually hungry around 7-8 and every time we sit down one boy will wake up haha. The boys usually fall asleep for bed around 9:30 and it's slowly getting earlier and earlier so maybe in a couple months we'll be able to do that!