The Bachelorette: Week 2

Yeah, I know I'm a few days late. Get off my back. I'm a little busy raising children each day. Here's the break down of Week 2:

The first one on one date was with Frank and I was SO excited it was him. As you know, I love him. They rode in a vintage convertible (which broke down) to the Hollywood sign and made out and talked underneath it. That night they went to some look out point and talked/made out some more. So far, I still really like Frank. Their date was super cute and they only seemed halfway awkward around each other. They definitely had some chemistry there and you can tell she had a great time. I see some potential for Frank to get jealous and pissed off easily, though. This is probably because he really likes her already so it's natural but really Frank, if you didn't want any other dudes dating the same girl you were, singing up for the Bachelorette was a bad call. Anyways, I still pretty much love you.

 The other one on one date was to Vegas with Jesse. For some reason this guy reminds me of Michael Phelps. a.k.a. nice body but total dud. I don't know, he's got a slammin body but he just seems really one dimensional and boring. Maybe he's just nervous or shy but I really didn't see a connection between him and Ali. I guess she liked him enough to give him another rose though so whatev. 

Craig R. is still annoying the crap out of me. He needs to get over his beef with Justin and stop being one of  the many drama queens in the house. Go away already.

At first I thought Justin was a sweet, nice guy and I'm sure he still is but I'm just over the whole "wah, wah, wah my foot is broken" cry baby story. All he talks about is how he'll climb a mountain to be with Ali. How about you climb a tree and just stay there so I don't have to listen to you cry anymore. He's not a contender to me anymore and the fact that Ali bought his whole sob story and got all cozy with him annoyed me.

 Weatherman and Craig R. They're practically a couple. Any time the Weatherman got any alone time with Ali all he talked about was his drama with Craig R. Then he's all talking about how he does karate or something and he doesn't want to fight Craig R. if he doesn't have to. Come ON! You're tiny little weatherman and he's a complete tool! It would be the worst fight EVER. I first thought he was funny and now he's on the long list of annoying bachelors. Craig R., I'm glad you're gone. You are a total idiot, jerk-off., tool. I'm sure you'll find someone stupid enough to be around you when you get back to Canada. Canda- I'm sorry you have to deal with him.

At first I wasn't sure about Ty, but he sang her a little song on his guitar and just overall seems like a sweet guy. I know the guitar thing is kind of cliche but I wouldn't mind someone singing to me. He's nice. I like him. Except for his ugly shirt in this picture. Who the hell dressed him?

I didn't really know much about Kirk, and he still really isn't one of the main guys but I like him! After the photo shoot he was all giddy and even made a reference to Dumb and Dumber saying, "she touched my leeeeg!". I know she probably won't pick him but I like him.
Roberto! Last week I wasn't sure about him. He seemed a little cheesy with the salsa moves and everything. But this week we learned he played pro baseball and even brought two gloves with him. He and Ali played catch outside and it was really cute. He seems like a really nice guy and is staying very low key and out of the drama. I love it. Roberto, I like you.

I can't wait to see who goes home next week!

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