7 reasons babies are hilarious

  1. They fart a lot. It's especially hilarious in public and preferably into a diaper. Diapers amplify the sound of the fart therefore making it all the more funny. It's especially fun watching other people's reactions to your baby's fart. Usually they act like they didn't hear it...but you know they did. 
  2. They can't reach all the way around their head. Imagine if as adults we had heads so big we couldn't clasp our hands together above our head. No wonder they have problems controlling it at first, it's huge!
  3. They laugh at stupid faces. I literally can make the dumbest face or sound and my children think I'm the funniest person they've ever seen. Well, I probably am. Actually, the fact that they laugh at me doing the faces probably makes me hilarious, not them. But whatever, I'll give them that one. 
  4. Their poop stinks so bad it's funny. Try changing a nasty diaper without laughing. I dare you. Poopy diaper changes in our house usually consist of one of us yelling, "Oh my God this is so gross!" Someone gagging or coughing, and the person who isn't changing the diaper laughing his/her face off at the other person's expense. 
  5. They slobber everywhere. Once again, imagine an adult drooling all over him or herself while smiling at you and talking like everything is normal. Or just blank staring at you with drool dripping down their chin. Good stuff.
  6. Rubber band wrists.  And mid-thigh rolls. And the crease that's under their belly. And neck rolls. You know you're fat when you have rolls half way between joints.
  7. Inadvertent sleep noises. My children sound like a wide array of animals in their sleep. Dolphin squeaks, puppy whines, horse whinnies...I want in on their dreams. 
What makes your baby hilarious?
Did you do anything particularly funny or embarrassing as a child?


  1. I particularly like the farting/pooping that can last a solid minute. Sitting on the dinner table in his bumbo while we're eating...CLASSIC!!

  2. My baby isn't really a baby anymore, he's two. But what cracks me up about him is how when he's done doing #2 in the potty he always points and says, "Teeny tiny terds!" ;) GROSS but funny!

  3. LOL poop seems to be a common theme! Babies pooping-although nasty is hilarious!

  4. Farting, running, jumping, silly noises, and the non stop giggling. I love boys.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. I LOVE how Drake is so proud of himself when he does anything and always claps for himself!! Pretty cute and so funny!

  6. Mine laughs all the time in his sleep, he's also known to say " I love you too Mama " .. I really wish I could see his dreams also. :)

    P.S. I have something for you on my blog! :o)


  7. I would like to think I was a perfect baby...yeah right!!!!!! I grabbed your button today. your boys are so adorable...

  8. All of the above are oh so true!! Baby farts make me laugh like I'm a 12 year old boy.