May 18, 2010

workers on strike...

Just another day at the office...

These guys have zero work ethic.


  1. looks like you have your hands full! this is the sweetest picture though! :)

  2. Aw thanks! I'm definitely a busy lady (with enough time to blog when they're sleeping, of course:) I love your blog-I'm totally a follower now. The polariods on the side is a great idea!

  3. your boys are adorable! i just saw your post on 20sb and had to stop in since i have 16 month old twin boys of my own. i hope you're hanging in there - the first year was really challenging for us! and enjoy those cuddles, my boys are already rebelling against the hugs! : )


  4. Aw Alex your boys are adorable! I'm totally trying to enjoy every moment of this. I love the cuddles and know once they start being mobile they stop wanting me as much :( I don't want them to ever grow up LOL!

  5. How long are the twins going to continue their strike? They know that they'll have to learn how to crawl one of these days!! LOL!

  6. Romelle- I'm trying to get them to at least fold some laundry or make their own bottles! All they do is lay around and sleep all day. LAZY!lol!


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