Hi All!

The REAL Skinny now is being hosted by Blogger instead of Wordpress. I realized I liked the options and widgets Blogger offered over what was offered in Wordpress. I'm hoping now that my blog is in Blogger, I'll be able to share a lot more of the things I want with you and it will be easier on me to figure it all out! Be sure to become a follower of my blog---> on the right nav bar. That way you'll get the latest and greatest updates from the posts to my blog! (Awesome, I know) And don't worry, becoming a follower doesn't mean you'll get emails or anything unless you chose.Plus, it helps me look a little cooler and reach a wider audience if they see I have a few followers they may be inclined to read and follow as well! 

For those of you first visiting me here at Blogger, I'll be leaving my posts up on my "old" Real Skinny blog so you can read everything we've been up to. http://therealskinnyblog.wordpress.com

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