One Pound Victory!

19 to go! Ok, so one pound really wasn't my goal for the week because I'd gained .5 the week before but hey-I'll take what I can get! So now I'm down to 175.5, my goal being 156. What did I do last week that probably helped in the pound drop? Well, it definitely wasn't working out. I was so busy and extremely tired in the mornings that I was zapped by the evening when Chikezie came home. I know now why I had that zapped that energy (woman issues) and this week is a continuation of that feel-like-crapness. So, how do you lose weight when you feel too crappy to work out? Here's what I did:

  • Really watched the kinds of foods I ate. Shoveling loads of salty food (which is what I wanted to do) would only have caused bloating. I made sure to stay low on the sodium intake which is why I don't feel like so much of a bloated cow this week!
  • I ate between meals. This is something I did while I was still working and really helped me maintain energy and a healthy weight. I eat my oatmeal around 7:30 am and then have been eating almonds as a snack right now-around 10:30. Then I'll eat lunch (a sandwich and fruit) around 12:30ish. Have another snack mid-afternoon, and then dinner. I usually try not to eat much after dinner but usually find if I drink more water then, I'm not as hungry or as inclined to snack.
  • Drink more water! Your body retains water when it thinks it doesn't have enough. So although you may feel super full from drinking tons of water, your body will actually process what you're eating better and get rid of excess liquid easier.
  • I tried to stay as active around the house as I could and when I did have energy I made sure to take full advantage of it. I did a 10 min ab work out here and there. I used resistance bands for a few minutes here and there. All those little things, although seemingly insignificant, all add up and burn calories. And we all know weight loss is more calories out than in. 
So, although one pound really wasn't what I was going for at the beginning, it's kind of nice to see the scale say a number lower each time I get on. My goal for next week is to see something lower than 175.5. I have a 5K to run in 2 weeks so guess this week I'm going to have to force myself to the gym. I'd rather not die on Memorial Day. 


  1. Now following you back! And I voted for you on top mommy blogs. It may have been a conflict of interest since I'm on there too, but oh well!

  2. Hey thanks! You may be my first vote LOL! Of course I'll return the favor :)