OMG twins!

So, I've really been wanting to write about this for awhile. Well, basically since the days my little dudes were pulled out of me. Every time we go anywhere in public I feel like we are a TOTAL FREAK SHOW! I know many mothers have probably noticed the increased attention when you parade the mall with your adorable newborn. You probably get cute smiles, the occasional comment or crazy old lady prompted to tell you her birth story when seeing your cutie. When you have twins, this attention gets freaky and a lot of times, annoying.

I try to not come off like a mean beeotch when people comment or stop us but these days, I just want to get from home to the mall or to the beach or to my freaking mail box without getting bombarded with the twin Nazis. I understand the general amazement at twins because yes, there are two whole babies, but really people...they're just babies. I am so thankful and flattered at how beautiful you think my children are, and yes my hands are definitely full. Your comments and distractions inevitably make my trip to the store take minutes longer, and with two babies each second counts. 

We've had people stop us in virtually every part of society we've been with the boys. Parking lots, shopping malls, the beach, the grocery store, PUBLIC RESTROOMS, restaurants. Everybody has a twin story; somebody they know had twins and they feel the need to tell us all about it. While telling this other twin mother's life story they say "Aww you look so busy" when my babies start freaking out because I'm not moving the stroller. We've even tried a couple of strategies to avoid the attention; carrying the babies separately instead of hauling around an obvious "twin" stroller. I walk slightly behind Chikezie hoping people won't notice we both are carrying babies the same age and that we're together. Still doesn't work. Sometimes it gets worse. 

They'll comment, "Aww what a cute baby". Then they look at me, " Oh! TWO babies!" 

And then ensues the typical questions, " Aww are they boys/girls? How old are they? Are they identical? Do they run in your family? What did you do when you found out? How far along were you when you had them? What are their names? Do you ever get any sleep? " 

Then the comments, " I bet you were huge! I bet you have your hands full! I bet they're going to be busy! I'm glad it's you and not me! I really wish I could have twins! I don't know what I'd ever do if I had twins!" 

I know, I know. We're blessed with two beautiful babies. I'm totally appreciative of that fact and of all the compliments we get on them. They are cute, we don't get much sleep, and we do have our hands full. I don't mind the side comments and stares as we walk by; the "Aww, look at the twins" statements I hear from passersby. Some days though, I'd just like to get from the car to the store without being bombarded with observers or people trying to get a glimpse or even people trying to touch my children. Ohhh touching is the worst. Don't you dare touch my children. 

I understand this won't get any better with age, but I just wanted to put this out there: if you see someone with twins, just keep walking. They're just babies. They're all over the place; chances are you've had babies of your own. And if you've had your own kids you should know, I'm a busy lady and as much as I'd love to stop and chat, I need to get my crap done and get home before somebody has a meltdown. 

That is all :)


  1. Seriously, what's with the touching?!? I don't go around touching random people regardless of their age...why do people feel the need to touch my child?

    My personal favorite is when he's in his marsupial pouch, asleep, face down in my chest and people want to see and touch him. Uh, Please stop trying to peer down my shirt and reaching into my personal bubble.

  2. Oh yeah. We've had people do that. Even to Chikezie! I'd see them doing it to a woman but they have no fear walking up to him trying to get all up in his business! The touching crosses the line!

  3. I totally understand! I've actually become a bit of a hermit because of it. It takes so much energy to get us all out the door and then inevitably, the attention. When I take the double stroller to the track, I have to wait at the street corner for the light and then cross. I swear everyone is staring and people have even shouted "twins!" It's ridiculous. I am so over the attention!

  4. Sometimes I feel like a jerk because I get really short or don't continue the conversation with people and just kind of smile and keep walking but really-sometimes there isn't any other way to stop them and after 5 previous comments I've just about had it! People are crazy.

  5. i really enjoyed this blog! i just wanna be normal, i wanna take my girls out and beable to run around without everyone stoping me every two minutes because OMG TWINS.. haha.. maybe someday it will tone down.. i wish i would have known how annoying this is when i was pregnant because i would stop ppl who had twins and ask them all those annoying questions.. man do i feel like an ass now haha!

  6. tamara- I was really tempted to talk to mothers I saw who had twins while I was pregnant...I don't think I ever did though. I felt like I wasn't part of the "club" yet haha!