a little competition??

Anybody up for losing weight and kicking-ass...I'm having a little weight loss competition. Here's the deets:

* $30 pay in for each person (keep your money until the end)
* Weigh yourself each Sunday (starting this coming Sunday)
* I'll be keeping a spreadsheet of everyone's starting weights and weight loss each week.
* I'll send an email out to everyone participating each weekend to announce the person with the highest percentage of weight loss that week all the way down to the lowest. I won't share weights if you're concerned about that.
*The person with the lowest percentage each week will add $5 to the money "pot" to be given to the winner at the end. (The person with the highest percentage of weight loss over 12 week contest)

So far I have 3, possibly 5 people interested. I'd like more, as your chances of paying each week go down with more people involved...and the prize $$ goes up!! (If you get last place every week you won't have to pay the $30 buy in....I understand we're all on a budget here)

Contact me if you're up for the challenge!! If a little cash money isn't motivation enough to lose those extra lbs, what is? I'm planning on 20lbs....who's going to beat me? :)

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