gDiapers, round 1.

Since before I had the boys I'd been planning on breastfeeding and using cloth diapers. How eco-chic right? After seeing how many disposable diapers we throw out each week, my guilt that I'm abusing the planet grows with each stinky diaper. I didn't want to start cloth diapers right away because I thought maybe getting the hang of raising twin infant boys would be a journey in itself. I also started out breastfeeding, so breastfeeding, and cloth diapering twins seemed a little too much. Well, the breastfeeding didn't exactly pan out how I'd originally dreamed up in my pre-mommy "everything is going to be perfect" visions. So now I think I'm ready to try the cloth diapering thing.

I've done lots of research and decided to try gDiapers. For the most part, moms seem pretty happy with them and they have a couple of cool options. You can either use the cloth inserts they make (no folding or pinning required) or the flushable refills. As far as price goes, the flushable refills are the same price as disposable diapers, so I haven't really decided if we'll keep up with those. However, after the initial investment in the pants and inserts, cloth diapers are both more eco-friendly and cheaper. (And with twins drinking formula, saving money is definitely something we're looking to do.) Even supplementing cloth diapers in with disposable diapers will inevitably save us money so either way I'm doing something positive here.

So far, I've changed one cloth diaper on Julain. He wore it for about 3 hours and seemed to get a little fussy earlier than usual. Upon changing him I immediately noticed his back was a little wet. When  I opened the diaper, the entire pad was wet and the band on the back of the pants was wet. I also noticed a little bunching of the pad in the center. I'm not sure if it was because he was so wet or if it was due to how I put the pad in. So I put a new diaper (pants and pad) on him for now. Isaiah is still sleeping so we'll see how his is when he wakes up. I obviously assume there will be a small trial period with these as I learn the best way to use them.  

Saturday I tried the disposable refills inside instead of the cloth. I wasn't around to change the diaper but Chikezie left the pad for me to flush. You rip it open and dump the inside stuff in the toilet. They give you a stick to swish it around so it breaks up the absorbent material. I flushed that and then the cover it was in afterward. Everything went down pretty well. It was one less diaper in our garbage can...but could be more in a water bill. 

I have a lot to discover and figure out on this cloth diaper adventure! So far it's kind of fun to have something new to try! We'll see if I have this same enthusiasm after a poopy diaper!


  1. Did you prep them much? We had some pee leaks at first with our bumgenious diapers because I didn't prep them nearly as long as they said to. I washed them twice before using with Rockin' Green detergent. After 2 leaks, I put the whole lot back in for another round before trying again. That seemed to make a HUGE difference.

    From the research I did, detergent makes the biggest difference.

    Still haven't tried our gDiapers...just got them and they still need to be prepped. But we are on day 4 of bumgenious (with disposables at night).

  2. I read that the cloth inserts for the gDiapers, to be the most absorbent, need to be washed 6 times. Well I said, screw that! LOL! I'm not going to wash them 6 times. I'm just going to deal with the leaks for now until they get worn in a little. We did have leaks (out the back mostly) on a few of the changes yesterday but nothing too bad. I changed them more often in the afternoon and it wasn't as bad. You have to use a certain detergent? I was just planning on using the Tide I use now. That's what I have the wet ones soaking w/H20 in a 5gallon bucket until I wash them today. I only have 12 inserts so I wanted to wait until I used them all to wash them. I didn't buy too many incase I didn't like them. We have 4 pants too, so not many. I think if we end up liking them then once they graduate to the medium size (above 14lbs I think) I'll get more of those. I really like the flushable inserts but it defeats the not spending money purpose.

    Although there were some leaks yesterday I felt good using cloth for some reason. Just an overall feeling that I when the diaper was dirty I knew I'd use it again instead of throwing it away. I used disposable at night because they sleep longer, even though there is a way to double line at night for maximum absorbency.

    How do you like bumgenious? Are they similar in price to the gDiapers? Disposables go so fast w/2 babies!

  3. I washed my BG twice and then the first 2 leaked so I threw them all back in the washer for another round. They worked better after that. They're supposed to wear "in." I washed the gDiaper liners twice (with dirty loads of the other diapers). We had our trial run with them today.

    It, uh, went... I was trying to change him at the mall with him laying flat in his stroller (the available changing area was questionable at best). I finally got frustrated and put the whole damn thing in the bag and busted out a BG. Better to go with what I know when we're out.

    Once home I put the clean pants on him and started over. First change went fine, though it is slightly more complex than the BG. Kevin was up for the second change and couldn't figure it out, lol.

    Logan's 12.5 lbs by our scale and 11.75 lbs by the Drs scale and we've got him in the medium size.

    As for detergent, I read that you have to use special detergent to keep them absorbent. Here's a list of a bunch of detergents and their ratings I got Rockin Green Detergent from Rockin' Green isn't on that list but a lot of people said it's the best for cloth diapers.

    I love our BG. They're pricey, but you can find good deals on ebay and supposedly from craigslist. (I got ours brand new on ebay). I got 12 AIOs for $240. But they're just like using a disposable...just fasten and go. When it's dirty, the whole thing goes in the washer. A friend bought a couple nubunz. She said they're a good quality and much cheaper.