bones to pick

That's right, I have a bone to pick. Well, a couple actually. 

Dear Scale,
I'm putting you away until the end of my 30 Day Skinny. I'm tired of looking at you every day and not seeing a change. I know I'm doing a lot...and I'm not eating junk. I don't see any changes and I think if I want to see something more dramatic and encouraging. Nuff said.

Dear Neighbor,
There is someone who lives around us who is constantly playing their music/surround sound/video games/whatever way too loud. (I know I sound like a total grandma) but seriously! We pay a lot of money to live here, it's not a college dorm room. I don't need to fee my floor vibrating from your bass at all hours of the day. I wouldn't mind if it were just on the weekends or every once in awhile. However, this is not the case. I'm sitting here at 10:42 am and can hear the bass pounding like I'm sitting downtown Iowa City on a Friday night. I don't know what you're doing but be considerate! We've called resident services twice, and I'm not sure they're even doing anything but this needs to stop soon, it's SUPER annoying.

Dear Mother Nature.
We live in freaking California! Would it be too much to ask for consistently warm and sunny weather? I'm trying to work on my tan here. Instead, you tease me with one day of 80 degree beautiful weather and then take it away the next day and leave me with clouds and a breeze. I will admit, I've said before I love cloudy days, but not every day. Get it together, lady.

Ok, enough of that. This picture always cheers me up: :)


  1. OH MY GOSH!! Your boys are just too cute!! :)

    WA has been having some funky weather as well. It was 70's and sunny the other day. Now it's overcast and cloudy with tons of rain recently. :( I want the sun back so I can take my kiddos out to play and get a tan as well! ;)


  2. Thank you! And I'm tired of this fickle spring weather...bring on the heat!