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Today I feel like I took a little step back. We were actually going somewhere so I got to put on jeans. I obviously don't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy jeans and had recently bought some size 14 jeans at old navy just to hold me over until I got back down to size. Well, the jeans just don't fit right. I'm not used to how my body has been reshaped by pregnancy. I'm tired of the jeans rubbing on my belly and creating rolls when I bend over, but sliding down my butt in the back. So I put on my maternity jeans because at least the waistband goes up over my belly bulge.

Before pregnancy I had a very small waist, flat stomach, nice round booty and athletic, toned thighs. I was very proud of my body and all the hard work it was doing. After babies, my waist has grown, my abs are non-existent and ground zero is my belly. Stretch marks, loose and wrinkled saggy skin, left over fat. I have a completely different body now. I know everyone says it will go back down, but it may not. Some women, especially after having twins, have a lot of left over skin. I don't care about the stretch marks. I'd take a flat stomach with stretch marks.

So now I have this new body that may or may not eventually be what I want it to be. Some days I really have a hard time looking in the mirror and accepting my new self. Having a baby is a 1 second change to your body, you have no idea what you'll look like but in a second, the second the baby is born you have a new body. I've learned this change is something that is going to take a little getting used to. And yes, I know, blah blah blah - I grew two healthy babies, I should be proud of my body.Yes, I'm extremely proud...but that doesn't mean I accept how it looks right now. And I know I'm not alone. This site: The Shape of a Mother has pics and stories just like mine of moms of twins and what they look like after the amazing journey they went through. I'm glad sites like this exist to show the reality of what moms of multiples really go through to bring their babies into this world.

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