The Bachelorette: Week 1

Ok so I don't usually get into these "find true love on fake reality tv" shows however, I'm now a stay-at-home-mama and have access to Hulu. (We don't get cable because we find it ridiculous to pay for all the channels of crap we'd never watch) So I watch the crap online :) Innovative, I know. 

Here's my take on the guys; which ones I like and which ones are total douches. (Warning: some of this may be totally offensive, but with these stupid shows I reserve the right to judge freely.) 
Craig R.- Lawyer
This dude is so annoying already. I hate the guys that feel the need to try to "warn" her about other guys that might be shady. Seriously? Mind your own business and worry about yourself dude. All he talks about is the other guys and I'm annoyed.

I don't remember this guy's name but he is a 29 yr old lawyer. I'm glad he's still not on the show haha he was such a timid little mouse! How can he be a lawyer? And he's totally not 29. He looks mid 30's at best. I just felt he was a little too nerdy to be on the show...and he is in desperate need of a haircut.

Craig M. - Dental Sales from Canada
OMG. Holy douche bag, Batman! First off, he looks like he just walked through a wind tunnel. Second off, he had a total bad attitude the entire show. He was pissing people off and just being an overall tool. If he makes it past many more episodes I may gouge my eyes out with a spoon. 

Phil- investment manager in Chicago

Roberto- I don't know what he does
This is the guy she gave the 1st impression rose to. He spoke some sweet Spanish nothings into her ear and did like one salsa move with her. Typical. He is cute, I'll give him that. 

I don't remember anything about this guy I just like his eyebrows :)

Don't remember this guy either but his hair is stupid.

Frank- Screenwriter- Chi-town
I just love you, Frank! You're so fun and funny. And your glasses are cute and quirky. And I like that you're from Chicago. I know some good peeps from there. And I don't know-I just love you!

Hunter-Internet Acct. Exec. from Texas
At first I thought he looked kind of weird but his funny personality made up for his weird look. This picture is not what he looked like on TV. This picture he looks cute but maybe it was the suit he was wearing-it was kind of olive green-ish. Not a good color on him. He sang a cute song on the ukulele and he was funny. This is a good one.

Justin- Pro Wrestler- Canada
All the guys were doggin on him because he's a fake pro wrestler. I really don't care-yeah it is kind of cheesy but he seems to like it. They also thought he wasn't there for the right reasons because of it. To me, he seems like a fairly soft spoken, sweet family guy who just happens to make people think he's kicking everyone's ass for a living. I admit, the hurt foot probably gave him some bonus points but in general, he seems like a good guy to me.

Kasey-Advertising Exec- CA
Is it just me or does this guy sound like he takes a big suck of helium out of a balloon before he speaks??? OMG throughout the whole show every time he talked I felt like I needed to clear my throat. Looking past the weird voice-he is a total psycho. He was talking about protecting her heart and guarding her or something weird like that...and he kept saying it over and over. And he was so serious the whole time! I'm really freaked out by him. Stalker.

Ty-Medical Sales-TN
I don't know what to think about him yet. His ears are big. He plays the guitar. He has a charming Southern accent. He needs to not wear shirts with the buttons open so low though; makes him look like a tool. I don't know...the jury is still out on this one.

Jonathan-Weatherman- TX
Still haven't decided on him yet either. He talks a lot and is kind of charming/funny. I don't know if that's going to turn into annoying though. We'll see.

Kyle- Outdoorsman- CO
What kind of profession is outdoorsman? I'm glad he got sent home. He seems like a nice guy but I think the producers were pushing a little too far for diversity among the bachelors. His house was full of dead animals! Creepy. I just don't think he was really right for this show. Good luck on the next hunt though, dude.

Who will go home next week? Why are all these guys bankers/investers/lawyers? How come they are all white guys? (With the exception of Roberto) Are they all just total douches? Yeah probably. Am I equally as douchy for watching the show? Yep!

On a Dancing With the Stars note: The finals were so close. Nicole was the obvious winner but I heart Evan Lysacek. He's so cute and charming-I wish he would have won. Here's to just watching and not voting next season :)


  1. Very funny post....and I totally agree with all your critiques!

  2. Oh man this season is going to give me lots to talk about! Where do they find these people?

  3. oh man...i accidentally watched it this week...there is some major social awkwardness going on with those guys.

  4. Like I said...I'm going to have lots to talk about this season lol I really don't even know what made me watch the first episode.