1 year ago...

One year ago, Chikezie and I had to communicate through cutesie little pictures sent through email and on conversations late night on Skype. I'm so glad that part is over. I found these pictures in my email folder. It was totally my idea first and he copied me...but how sweet :) 

I am SO in love. Becoming parents has opened up a whole new facet of our relationship with each other. We've grown closer and learned so much about ourselves and each other in the past 12 months. I don't know where I'd be without my partner in crime...it's truly been a hell of a ride so far. I can't wait to see what twists and turns come up next!

Belated Writers Workshop Wednesday

Mama's Losin' It

I was supposed to post this yesterday but felt like death. Whoops.

Prompt: If you could do your wedding over, how would you do it?

Location: Des Moines Botanical Center We love the botanical center and planned to have a fall wedding. The center would be perfect for this as it's always about 10-15 degrees warmer inside. We wouldn't have to pay for decorations inside the dome because it's all flowers and gorgeous plants. Also, there is a reception area at the center so we'd skip the limo. And an added bonus is that when you rent the dome/reception room, you get them both all night! 

Time: Because the botanical center is open during the day, the wedding would be in early evening. I love the idea of a wedding in the dark dome with track lights all round!
The Dress: I love this simple dress. Very elegant but relaxed. I'm not a big fan of the frilly, busy dresses. My style is pretty accessory and frill free so this dress I think would be perfect.

With a hair/head piece like these:

Bridesmaids: I don't have any dresses picked out for them! I'd ask them to all just wear their favorite LBD. There's no reason for me to make them wear something they're not comfortable in! I'm asking them to be in my wedding and celebrate with me, I really don't have the right to MAKE them wear something. I want them to be comfortable and relaxed, because I'm so thankful they're in my life and are there to celebrate this special time with me!
Groom: Well, he gets to pick whatever tux he wants. We're going to go with traditional black because the bridesmaids are wearing black dresses. But they would all be wearing these:

and the flower girl too:

Flowers: A little something like this:

And something like this for the groomsmen:

FavorsSmall bags filled with almonds for guests at their seats. The favors aren't only a fun treat for guests to take home, but spruce up the tables as well! Each bag has a thank you note :)

and scratch tickets...because I love them:)

Decor ideas:

Programs: Well, my hubby is a graphic/web designer and is extremely talented. Obviously we'd use his talents to customize our programs and invites. But these are some of the ones I like:

and this is cute:

Cake: Well, neither one of us are cake people and I would rather not have the same boring cake as everyone else so I'd do these:


These are all fun things to look at and think about but you know what? I wouldn't change a thing about the way we got married. Although it wasn't exactly what I wanted, it was perfect in it's own right. We got married  on September 25, 2009 in the courthouse in Laguna Hills, CA over Chikezie's lunch hour :) I was pregnant with my two beautiful baby boys! It took us all of 1 hour to get the paperwork done and to have the "ceremony" finished and to get out the door. There wasn't anyone else there but us and we didn't take a single picture. We were both wearing shorts and t-shirts and went to eat at the Yard House for lunch afterward...and then he went back to work :) I'm totally a not-a-big-deal person and love how we got married. It is a memory that only he and I will share. We didn't have the stress of putting on a huge production and saved ourselves thousands of dollars! We made the commitment to each other for each other. 

We hope to go home to Iowa sometime this fall and have a big celebration/reception where we can celebrate both our wedding and the birth of our sons with all of our family and friends. I can't wait :)

The Bachelorette: Week 1

Ok so I don't usually get into these "find true love on fake reality tv" shows however, I'm now a stay-at-home-mama and have access to Hulu. (We don't get cable because we find it ridiculous to pay for all the channels of crap we'd never watch) So I watch the crap online :) Innovative, I know. 

Here's my take on the guys; which ones I like and which ones are total douches. (Warning: some of this may be totally offensive, but with these stupid shows I reserve the right to judge freely.) 
Craig R.- Lawyer
This dude is so annoying already. I hate the guys that feel the need to try to "warn" her about other guys that might be shady. Seriously? Mind your own business and worry about yourself dude. All he talks about is the other guys and I'm annoyed.

I don't remember this guy's name but he is a 29 yr old lawyer. I'm glad he's still not on the show haha he was such a timid little mouse! How can he be a lawyer? And he's totally not 29. He looks mid 30's at best. I just felt he was a little too nerdy to be on the show...and he is in desperate need of a haircut.

Craig M. - Dental Sales from Canada
OMG. Holy douche bag, Batman! First off, he looks like he just walked through a wind tunnel. Second off, he had a total bad attitude the entire show. He was pissing people off and just being an overall tool. If he makes it past many more episodes I may gouge my eyes out with a spoon. 

Phil- investment manager in Chicago

Roberto- I don't know what he does
This is the guy she gave the 1st impression rose to. He spoke some sweet Spanish nothings into her ear and did like one salsa move with her. Typical. He is cute, I'll give him that. 

I don't remember anything about this guy I just like his eyebrows :)

Don't remember this guy either but his hair is stupid.

Frank- Screenwriter- Chi-town
I just love you, Frank! You're so fun and funny. And your glasses are cute and quirky. And I like that you're from Chicago. I know some good peeps from there. And I don't know-I just love you!

Hunter-Internet Acct. Exec. from Texas
At first I thought he looked kind of weird but his funny personality made up for his weird look. This picture is not what he looked like on TV. This picture he looks cute but maybe it was the suit he was wearing-it was kind of olive green-ish. Not a good color on him. He sang a cute song on the ukulele and he was funny. This is a good one.

Justin- Pro Wrestler- Canada
All the guys were doggin on him because he's a fake pro wrestler. I really don't care-yeah it is kind of cheesy but he seems to like it. They also thought he wasn't there for the right reasons because of it. To me, he seems like a fairly soft spoken, sweet family guy who just happens to make people think he's kicking everyone's ass for a living. I admit, the hurt foot probably gave him some bonus points but in general, he seems like a good guy to me.

Kasey-Advertising Exec- CA
Is it just me or does this guy sound like he takes a big suck of helium out of a balloon before he speaks??? OMG throughout the whole show every time he talked I felt like I needed to clear my throat. Looking past the weird voice-he is a total psycho. He was talking about protecting her heart and guarding her or something weird like that...and he kept saying it over and over. And he was so serious the whole time! I'm really freaked out by him. Stalker.

Ty-Medical Sales-TN
I don't know what to think about him yet. His ears are big. He plays the guitar. He has a charming Southern accent. He needs to not wear shirts with the buttons open so low though; makes him look like a tool. I don't know...the jury is still out on this one.

Jonathan-Weatherman- TX
Still haven't decided on him yet either. He talks a lot and is kind of charming/funny. I don't know if that's going to turn into annoying though. We'll see.

Kyle- Outdoorsman- CO
What kind of profession is outdoorsman? I'm glad he got sent home. He seems like a nice guy but I think the producers were pushing a little too far for diversity among the bachelors. His house was full of dead animals! Creepy. I just don't think he was really right for this show. Good luck on the next hunt though, dude.

Who will go home next week? Why are all these guys bankers/investers/lawyers? How come they are all white guys? (With the exception of Roberto) Are they all just total douches? Yeah probably. Am I equally as douchy for watching the show? Yep!

On a Dancing With the Stars note: The finals were so close. Nicole was the obvious winner but I heart Evan Lysacek. He's so cute and charming-I wish he would have won. Here's to just watching and not voting next season :)

The Tale of Two Talkers

Two little boys with very different personalities :

After watching this video a couple times I finally came to the conclusion that Isaiah's "I" sounds is his effort to mimic my "hiii!" that I say to them all the time. So cute! He's such a social boy, loves to talk and interact with me and his daddy...and I think he's going to be a talker like his mama :)

And then there's Julian... 

He's not quite as vocal as his brother but definitely has a busy body and lots of smiles. He looks like he wants to say something but only lets out a sound when he's really worked up! He doesn't like to talk quite as much as his brother; he'll turn his head and look at something else when he's tired of you lol. But he definitely has a smile that lights up his face..and that is something he gets from his daddy :)

to sleep or not to sleep?

Mama needs sleep. Mama REALLY needs sleep. I'm chugging my coffee right now and still have a headache. Isaiah finally passed out in the swing (after I set it on high). He's really rockin right now! Julian is fighting sleep as I bounce him with my foot on his bouncy seat. This is how it usually is- one baby is sleeping, the other fighting it. 

Last week for two nights in a row the boys slept SO well. For all of you without children-this means they went to bed around 10:30-11:00 and didn't wake up hungry until 4:30-5:00am. It. Was. Amazing. I got so much sleep and had so much energy those couple of days. I didn't really want to talk much about it because I didn't want to jinx it. I'd upped the boys' formula to 6 oz and they seem to be doing well with that. They fill up before bed, sometimes eating twice, and it's able to hold them off for longer than three hours. 

Well, they decided this weekend they didn't want to sleep for that long anymore. They're back to waking up every 3 hours to eat. Saturday night was the worst. They both ate at 11 and fell asleep. Then, Julian woke up at 1:18 and I gave him to Chikezie to feed because he was still awake. Then Isaiah wakes up at 2 am and guess who else is wide awake? Julian wasn't even that hungry and here I was falling asleep trying to feed Isaiah on the couch and Julian is laying next to me in his boppy and just looks up at me and starts smiling and giggling! The kid was being a little devil! Here it is 2 am and he thinks it's time to wake up and play! Never before have I gotten any smiles from him without talking to him or working it out of him first. And here it's 2 am and he's all cheery and happy. UGH! I mean, as cute as it was I told Chikezie, "This child is the devil! He thinks this is funny!" And Chikezie and I sat awake, feeding our boys at 2 am, laughing at it all. 

Those are the tender moments of parenthood that I'll miss when I get older. Many moments in the middle of the night when we're exhausted and half asleep, the boys will do something that you can't help but laugh at, whether its a big man burp or continuous farting (Isaiah does this), you can't help but laugh with each other. So, I guess as much as I miss the sleep, there are some things worth waking up for :)

But in all seriousness, this better be a temporary growth spurt and they'll go back to their longer sleep patterns in a few days. It's cute and all but Mama needs sleep. The boys are almost 3 months now, so I'm thinking we're entering some new sleep territory. When did your kids start sleeping longer through the night? 

OMG twins!

So, I've really been wanting to write about this for awhile. Well, basically since the days my little dudes were pulled out of me. Every time we go anywhere in public I feel like we are a TOTAL FREAK SHOW! I know many mothers have probably noticed the increased attention when you parade the mall with your adorable newborn. You probably get cute smiles, the occasional comment or crazy old lady prompted to tell you her birth story when seeing your cutie. When you have twins, this attention gets freaky and a lot of times, annoying.

I try to not come off like a mean beeotch when people comment or stop us but these days, I just want to get from home to the mall or to the beach or to my freaking mail box without getting bombarded with the twin Nazis. I understand the general amazement at twins because yes, there are two whole babies, but really people...they're just babies. I am so thankful and flattered at how beautiful you think my children are, and yes my hands are definitely full. Your comments and distractions inevitably make my trip to the store take minutes longer, and with two babies each second counts. 

We've had people stop us in virtually every part of society we've been with the boys. Parking lots, shopping malls, the beach, the grocery store, PUBLIC RESTROOMS, restaurants. Everybody has a twin story; somebody they know had twins and they feel the need to tell us all about it. While telling this other twin mother's life story they say "Aww you look so busy" when my babies start freaking out because I'm not moving the stroller. We've even tried a couple of strategies to avoid the attention; carrying the babies separately instead of hauling around an obvious "twin" stroller. I walk slightly behind Chikezie hoping people won't notice we both are carrying babies the same age and that we're together. Still doesn't work. Sometimes it gets worse. 

They'll comment, "Aww what a cute baby". Then they look at me, " Oh! TWO babies!" 

And then ensues the typical questions, " Aww are they boys/girls? How old are they? Are they identical? Do they run in your family? What did you do when you found out? How far along were you when you had them? What are their names? Do you ever get any sleep? " 

Then the comments, " I bet you were huge! I bet you have your hands full! I bet they're going to be busy! I'm glad it's you and not me! I really wish I could have twins! I don't know what I'd ever do if I had twins!" 

I know, I know. We're blessed with two beautiful babies. I'm totally appreciative of that fact and of all the compliments we get on them. They are cute, we don't get much sleep, and we do have our hands full. I don't mind the side comments and stares as we walk by; the "Aww, look at the twins" statements I hear from passersby. Some days though, I'd just like to get from the car to the store without being bombarded with observers or people trying to get a glimpse or even people trying to touch my children. Ohhh touching is the worst. Don't you dare touch my children. 

I understand this won't get any better with age, but I just wanted to put this out there: if you see someone with twins, just keep walking. They're just babies. They're all over the place; chances are you've had babies of your own. And if you've had your own kids you should know, I'm a busy lady and as much as I'd love to stop and chat, I need to get my crap done and get home before somebody has a meltdown. 

That is all :)

body after babies

Today I feel like I took a little step back. We were actually going somewhere so I got to put on jeans. I obviously don't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy jeans and had recently bought some size 14 jeans at old navy just to hold me over until I got back down to size. Well, the jeans just don't fit right. I'm not used to how my body has been reshaped by pregnancy. I'm tired of the jeans rubbing on my belly and creating rolls when I bend over, but sliding down my butt in the back. So I put on my maternity jeans because at least the waistband goes up over my belly bulge.

Before pregnancy I had a very small waist, flat stomach, nice round booty and athletic, toned thighs. I was very proud of my body and all the hard work it was doing. After babies, my waist has grown, my abs are non-existent and ground zero is my belly. Stretch marks, loose and wrinkled saggy skin, left over fat. I have a completely different body now. I know everyone says it will go back down, but it may not. Some women, especially after having twins, have a lot of left over skin. I don't care about the stretch marks. I'd take a flat stomach with stretch marks.

So now I have this new body that may or may not eventually be what I want it to be. Some days I really have a hard time looking in the mirror and accepting my new self. Having a baby is a 1 second change to your body, you have no idea what you'll look like but in a second, the second the baby is born you have a new body. I've learned this change is something that is going to take a little getting used to. And yes, I know, blah blah blah - I grew two healthy babies, I should be proud of my body.Yes, I'm extremely proud...but that doesn't mean I accept how it looks right now. And I know I'm not alone. This site: The Shape of a Mother has pics and stories just like mine of moms of twins and what they look like after the amazing journey they went through. I'm glad sites like this exist to show the reality of what moms of multiples really go through to bring their babies into this world.

life is good

In the past few hours I've:

Been cried at and on. 
Been scratched, licked, farted and sneezed on.
Been puked on simultaneously by two boys...
Had pee leak down my arm and shirt.
Wiped up poop...
Been screamed at.
Slept on.
Cuddled with.

Smiled at :)

I bet my Friday could beat up yours. Boo yah.

bones to pick

That's right, I have a bone to pick. Well, a couple actually. 

Dear Scale,
I'm putting you away until the end of my 30 Day Skinny. I'm tired of looking at you every day and not seeing a change. I know I'm doing a lot...and I'm not eating junk. I don't see any changes and I think if I want to see something more dramatic and encouraging. Nuff said.

Dear Neighbor,
There is someone who lives around us who is constantly playing their music/surround sound/video games/whatever way too loud. (I know I sound like a total grandma) but seriously! We pay a lot of money to live here, it's not a college dorm room. I don't need to fee my floor vibrating from your bass at all hours of the day. I wouldn't mind if it were just on the weekends or every once in awhile. However, this is not the case. I'm sitting here at 10:42 am and can hear the bass pounding like I'm sitting downtown Iowa City on a Friday night. I don't know what you're doing but be considerate! We've called resident services twice, and I'm not sure they're even doing anything but this needs to stop soon, it's SUPER annoying.

Dear Mother Nature.
We live in freaking California! Would it be too much to ask for consistently warm and sunny weather? I'm trying to work on my tan here. Instead, you tease me with one day of 80 degree beautiful weather and then take it away the next day and leave me with clouds and a breeze. I will admit, I've said before I love cloudy days, but not every day. Get it together, lady.

Ok, enough of that. This picture always cheers me up: :)

muh legs are on fiyaaaaa

Yep. They're on fyaaaaaa! Jillian Michaels kicked the crap out of me today. I mean, I knew she was tough but she really was out to prove a point today. I think that point was that I'm out of shape and have such a long ways to go. I won't do this for every work out, but this is the circuit workout I did today:

(Each circuit is done with no rest in between each activity, and 30 seconds rest after each circuit) 

Circuit 1
Back kick w/shoulder press: 10 reps w/each leg. 
Dumbbell Row: 15 reps 
Basic Lunges: 50 reps on alternating legs (25 reps on each leg, no added weight) 
Hill run at incline: 10 for 1 minute at 5.5 mph (women) or 8 mph (men) 

Circuit 2
Low Dumbbell Rows: 15 reps 
Pelvic Thrust: 20 reps 
Steps ups: 20 reps on each leg (40 total) 
Hill run at incline: 10 for 1 minute at 5.5 mph (women) or 8 mph (men) 

Circuit 3
Crab Walk: Go 10 steps forward 
Reverse Plank: 5 leg lifts on each leg (10 total) 
Crab Walk: Go 10 steps backward 
Reverse Plank: 5 leg lifts on each leg (10 total) 
Dead lift: 10 reps 
Reverse crunches: 25 reps 
Mountain Climbers: reps for 1 minute 

Circuit 4
Crossover Lunges w/Hammer Curls: 10 reps on each leg (20 total) 
Hammer curls: perform reps until bicep muscle failure 
Static lunges with Reverse Cable Fly: 10 reps with each leg forward (20 total) 
Hill run at incline: 10 for 1 minute, at 5.5 mph (women) or 8 mph (men) 

Circuit 5
One-Leg Pelvic Thrusts: 15 reps per leg (30 total) 
Basic Crunches: 25 reps 
Mountain Climbers: reps for 1 minute 

The box set "Hot Bod in a Box" comes with descriptions on how to do each exercise all on little cards that you can take to the gym with you. It also comes with 9 different circuit work outs, all with different combinations of exercises, all equally difficult. The entire thing takes around 45 minutes and I guarantee you're drenched in sweat by the end. I did this before I was pregnant and in the best shape I'd been in and they still kicked my butt! 

Thank you, Jillian Michaels, for torching my legs.

workers on strike...

Just another day at the office...

These guys have zero work ethic.

One Pound Victory!

19 to go! Ok, so one pound really wasn't my goal for the week because I'd gained .5 the week before but hey-I'll take what I can get! So now I'm down to 175.5, my goal being 156. What did I do last week that probably helped in the pound drop? Well, it definitely wasn't working out. I was so busy and extremely tired in the mornings that I was zapped by the evening when Chikezie came home. I know now why I had that zapped that energy (woman issues) and this week is a continuation of that feel-like-crapness. So, how do you lose weight when you feel too crappy to work out? Here's what I did:

  • Really watched the kinds of foods I ate. Shoveling loads of salty food (which is what I wanted to do) would only have caused bloating. I made sure to stay low on the sodium intake which is why I don't feel like so much of a bloated cow this week!
  • I ate between meals. This is something I did while I was still working and really helped me maintain energy and a healthy weight. I eat my oatmeal around 7:30 am and then have been eating almonds as a snack right now-around 10:30. Then I'll eat lunch (a sandwich and fruit) around 12:30ish. Have another snack mid-afternoon, and then dinner. I usually try not to eat much after dinner but usually find if I drink more water then, I'm not as hungry or as inclined to snack.
  • Drink more water! Your body retains water when it thinks it doesn't have enough. So although you may feel super full from drinking tons of water, your body will actually process what you're eating better and get rid of excess liquid easier.
  • I tried to stay as active around the house as I could and when I did have energy I made sure to take full advantage of it. I did a 10 min ab work out here and there. I used resistance bands for a few minutes here and there. All those little things, although seemingly insignificant, all add up and burn calories. And we all know weight loss is more calories out than in. 
So, although one pound really wasn't what I was going for at the beginning, it's kind of nice to see the scale say a number lower each time I get on. My goal for next week is to see something lower than 175.5. I have a 5K to run in 2 weeks so guess this week I'm going to have to force myself to the gym. I'd rather not die on Memorial Day. 

Happy Monday!

Who said Mondays have to stink??

Have a happy Monday!!

gDiapers, round 1.

Since before I had the boys I'd been planning on breastfeeding and using cloth diapers. How eco-chic right? After seeing how many disposable diapers we throw out each week, my guilt that I'm abusing the planet grows with each stinky diaper. I didn't want to start cloth diapers right away because I thought maybe getting the hang of raising twin infant boys would be a journey in itself. I also started out breastfeeding, so breastfeeding, and cloth diapering twins seemed a little too much. Well, the breastfeeding didn't exactly pan out how I'd originally dreamed up in my pre-mommy "everything is going to be perfect" visions. So now I think I'm ready to try the cloth diapering thing.

I've done lots of research and decided to try gDiapers. For the most part, moms seem pretty happy with them and they have a couple of cool options. You can either use the cloth inserts they make (no folding or pinning required) or the flushable refills. As far as price goes, the flushable refills are the same price as disposable diapers, so I haven't really decided if we'll keep up with those. However, after the initial investment in the pants and inserts, cloth diapers are both more eco-friendly and cheaper. (And with twins drinking formula, saving money is definitely something we're looking to do.) Even supplementing cloth diapers in with disposable diapers will inevitably save us money so either way I'm doing something positive here.

So far, I've changed one cloth diaper on Julain. He wore it for about 3 hours and seemed to get a little fussy earlier than usual. Upon changing him I immediately noticed his back was a little wet. When  I opened the diaper, the entire pad was wet and the band on the back of the pants was wet. I also noticed a little bunching of the pad in the center. I'm not sure if it was because he was so wet or if it was due to how I put the pad in. So I put a new diaper (pants and pad) on him for now. Isaiah is still sleeping so we'll see how his is when he wakes up. I obviously assume there will be a small trial period with these as I learn the best way to use them.  

Saturday I tried the disposable refills inside instead of the cloth. I wasn't around to change the diaper but Chikezie left the pad for me to flush. You rip it open and dump the inside stuff in the toilet. They give you a stick to swish it around so it breaks up the absorbent material. I flushed that and then the cover it was in afterward. Everything went down pretty well. It was one less diaper in our garbage can...but could be more in a water bill. 

I have a lot to discover and figure out on this cloth diaper adventure! So far it's kind of fun to have something new to try! We'll see if I have this same enthusiasm after a poopy diaper!


Hi All!

The REAL Skinny now is being hosted by Blogger instead of Wordpress. I realized I liked the options and widgets Blogger offered over what was offered in Wordpress. I'm hoping now that my blog is in Blogger, I'll be able to share a lot more of the things I want with you and it will be easier on me to figure it all out! Be sure to become a follower of my blog---> on the right nav bar. That way you'll get the latest and greatest updates from the posts to my blog! (Awesome, I know) And don't worry, becoming a follower doesn't mean you'll get emails or anything unless you chose.Plus, it helps me look a little cooler and reach a wider audience if they see I have a few followers they may be inclined to read and follow as well! 

For those of you first visiting me here at Blogger, I'll be leaving my posts up on my "old" Real Skinny blog so you can read everything we've been up to. http://therealskinnyblog.wordpress.com

Julian the Puppy

Aside from the puppy whimpers and squeals in his sleep...Mister Julian just can't seem to keep his tongue in his mouth.

I can hardly hold him anymore because every time I look down, my shoulder is covered in sweet baby spit and I see him licking my shoulders! Looks like we don't have to worry about getting a pet any time soon!

this is the part where you feel bad for me...

Holy spare tire, Batman! Mama is having some issues making the time to exercise this week. The boy's schedule is really weird at night which is resulting in me getting zero sleep or maybe a few hours. One night they'll sleep from 10pm-3am. The next night they sleep from 10pm - 12am-3am-6am...oh wait that was last night. I always just feel like blaming everything on a growth spurt, but in all actuality they won't hit their next growth spurt until 3 months, which gives me another couple weeks, or a few weeks depending on their adjusted age. Well, their adjusted age always confuses me because I never know when it counts or not so we'll just go with their actual age; they'll have a growth spurt at 3 months (or in like 2 1/2 weeks-ish) Wow, I really just went way into left field didn't I? Oh well. Anywho, I haven't done anything to break a sweat since Saturday! I know, like, a whole week almost. I will tonight, though. One day at a time, right?
The weight loss competition I started went from 10 people to 5 people faster than I can say "cellulite".  We had an injury, a couple no shows and a surgery that took down our numbers but I think we're still going to stick this thing out. That means I better get my hiney in gear. I think one thing that may keep me on my toes a little more will be posting my progress on here. There's something about a bunch of people knowing your real weight, and having to report back to them each week that may put a fire under my expanded tush. Having to tell you that I didn't lose anything or suck at working out could get a little embarrassing. So, without further adu, my weight and measurements. And a couple of pictures to motivate me.
Starting weight: 176.5
Goal weight: 158, my pre-pregnancy weight.
Measurements: Arm-12. Chest-37.5. Waist (at belly button)- 37. Hips-42. Thigh- 24. Calf-14.
HA! My chest and waist are the same size LOL! Pregnancy totally changes your body shape!
Ok well, I hope I don't regret this. Ya'll know the REAL me now. Here's to staying motivated!

Me. A few years ago tailgating. Don't worry about the beer.

Wednesday Morning

Right now, Isaiah is snoozing soundly in the swing and Julian is at my feet in his bouncy chair as I bounce him up and down with my foot, careful not to stop as he'll probably get mad if I do. I'm trying to watch this episode of Lost on tv AND drink my large cup of coffee at the same time. Last night/this morning went a little like this:

12:30 am-Isaiah wakes up hungry-Daddy feeds him so Mama can keep sleeping.

1:00 am- Julian wakes up hungry- I ask Daddy to feed him as Isaiah wakes back up and wants a little to top off the tank.

4:20 am- Both boys wake up crying and hungry. Daddy fell asleep on the couch earlier so I just let him stay there :) Plus it gives me the whole bed to snuggle with my boys. I heat up two bottles, put one boppy next to me on the bed and one around my waist. I feed both boys at the same time. Pulling both up to my chest to burp at the same time. Julian passed right out after 4.5 oz but Isaiah kept squirming and fighting sleep after finishing his 5 oz, so I let him finish his brother's .5 and he eventually fell asleep. Both boys usually fall asleep on my chest and I'm able to maneuver them off and next to me in bed without waking anybody up. (Yep they slept with me! Co-sleeping will be a topic for a future blog!)

7:05 am- After probably 20 minutes of grunting and squirming, Julian finally wakes up and decides he's hungry. I hold him for awhile and can't find a pacifier near so let him suck on my finger for a few minutes. I laugh at his cute little mouth as it searches for something to suck on. His eyes are closed and he reminds me of a little piglet.  I try to help him find his thumb, which he sucks on for a couple minutes then lets out a hardy yell telling me enough messing around! I sit in my chair in the kitchen, boppy around my waist to support my arm (they're getting heavy!) and feed him until I hear Isaiah crying in the bedroom. By this time Julian has had enough to keep him content so I put him in a bouncy chair next to the table and get Isaiah up.

7:20 am- both boys are in their bouncy seats on the kitchen floor as I sit next to them holding bottles. I burp one at a time until everyone is happy.  I move back up to the chair, holding Isaiah as I bounce Julian's seat with my foot. He eventually falls asleep and Isaiah is ready to play. I put him on the floor on his activity mat and turn on the music. He LOVES laying there and looking at all the colors. I wash the bottles we used last night and this morning and put on a pot of coffee. Julian starts to get mad.
8:00 am- Daddy leaves for work. Julian has to cry for a couple minutes while I get dressed, put in contacts, brush teeth, etc. as fast as I can. By this time Isaiah is getting annoyed with laying on the floor so both boys are now crying. They have to lay there for a couple minutes while I warm up a couple more ounces of milk for both.

8:10 am- We're sitting on the couch, one boppy on each side of me, both boys drinking their bottles. Isaiah falls asleep, Julian is wide awake and smiling and ready to play.  I put him on the floor in the activity mat. Isaiah wakes up and starts to fuss.

8:30 am- Isaiah goes to his swing and falls asleep almost instantly. (He loves that thing and I think of it as Isaiah's swing, as Julian loves the bouncy seat more). I have time to make myself some oatmeal and get my cup of coffee. I sit at my computer at the table and enjoy both boys content for a little while. These moments are sometimes few and far between. I notice that Julian may be left handed. When he plays on his mat, he always reaches with his left hand and turns to the left...Isaiah always to the right.

8:45 am- Julian is done playing on the mat so I put him in his bouncy seat again...where I sit currently, bouncing him with my foot. He falls alseep like this every time.

9:30- I'm still here typing this post and as Julian sleeps soundly in his bouncy chair-I see Isaiah starting to squirm and wiggle in his swing. Maybe he'll fall back to sleep. I've gotten almost a full hour of time to myself :)

Who knows what the next few hours will bring.  Being a stay-at-home Mama is ANYTHING but boring when you have twin boys. I still have so much around my house that needs to get done right now...but sitting here while they're quiet, sipping my coffee and enjoying the calmness is ok for now.