Ok, sorry. I don't really have anywhere to go after that exaggerated title. My Friday is actually pretty average. However, there are couple things from my day so far I should probably point out.
Exhibit A:

Death by Animal Crackers
Good thing I finished off this bag today. I figure, if I just get eating it out of the way, then I won't be tempted to eat it again later. Pretty intelligent thinking, right?.......... Shut up. Who asked you?
Exhibit B:

Sleeping Angles

Here are the boys all bundled up so snug and warm in their boppies after 2nd breakfast. (in layman's terms- the second time they eat before lunch, duh.) So cute, right? Just wait...
Exhibit B.2:

What happened?

I walked into the bathroom to get the dirty clothes hamper, as I was doing my best to be productive this morning. As I walked out of the bathroom, this is how I found Isaiah. LITERALLY 10 seconds after seeing him sleeping so soundly he was squealing in his sleep. I approached him to find his feet kicking and him laying under the blankets grunting like a piglet. What the heck, child? Boppy days on the couch are numbered my friends, babies are becoming mobile.
Exhibit C:
Just for good measure, a couple of total AWWW pictures for the afternoon. Despite the foul smells coming from their cute little butts, despite the smelly vomit we smell every 3.5 hrs, despite the red faced, screaming outbursts...they completely have my heart. (I could probably say the same thing about my husband! JUST KIDDING, dear. looovee youuuuu.

Julian in dream land

Isaiah, pre-squirmfest.

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