What day?

This finding time to work out thing is seriously going to take some strategy. 

Right now its 8:32 pm. Hubby is passed out on the couch with Isaiah, and while Julian was passed out I had JUST enough time to shower and wash a couple bottles. In the process of trying to make bottles Julian woke up so now I'm typing and holding a pooping baby J. (He prefers an upright position to do his little duty) Usually throughout the day I barely find time to eat let alone work out. We have folded laundry sitting on the floor in the living room that has been here since Sunday. I just keep walking around it as I struggle to juggle baby needs, dishes, personal hygiene and my sanity. I usually find myself eating lunch at the table while holding/feeding the baby with one hand, eating with the other and alternating clicking on my mouse to check emails. (And that's when I'm only feeding one baby at a time)

Sooooo.....working out....yeah. This is going to take some serious magicery (yep I just invented a word).

In other news, the boys had a check up today, they'll be 8 weeks tomorrow. Julian is now 9lbs 15 1/2 oz and 21 1/2 inches. Isaiah is now 10lbs 5oz and 21 inches. How interesting that Julian has surpassed his brother in length but Isaiah still wins the chunker award-but not by much.

And on a final note- cuteness overload!

Julian-glamour shots

Isaiah quite relaxed while eating

Isaiah playing superman w/daddy

animated brothers

Julian...with hoodie

Sleepy Isaiah

a new beginning

So today beings the first day of the fitness challenge! I'm wondering as I down my cup of coffee if I'm going to have the energy to partake in this adventure. Am I really going to have the energy to work out all week? I guess we'll find out. Exercise does increase energy so maybe after a couple weeks I won't be as dependent on this cup of coffee. (With cream and Splenda, thank you) With the boys being as fussy as ever, I will definitely welcome the serenity of a nice run outside or get some good stress relief from some sweat inducing resistance training.
I've had my 6 week check up with my OB who ok'd me to do whatever exercise I feel comfortable with so I have nothing holding me back. And to help me on my little journey I'm enlisting a couple of friends, Jillian Michaels and a workout log. I've purchased Jillian's Hot Bod in a Box that I actually worked out to before I was pregnant. Based on one work out post pregnancy...I was dripping sweat and my abs were sore a good 5 days after. If ya'll don't know who Jillian Michaels is, I suggest you get acquainted. If you've seen The Biggest Loser, you know who she is. The butt kicking, screaming, rip-your-heart-out-if-it'll-make-you-lose-weight trainer that has changed many lives on the show. Her work outs are no-nonsense and at first can seem overwhelming but trust me, they are doable for anyone. I've had to take things a little slower and do some of her work outs at my own pace until I was more fit but she will constantly keep you on your toes and keep muscles sore you didn't know you had. I started out with her book, Making the Cut, which gave some great information on how your body processes certain foods and how to maximize your weight loss and muscle building potential.
What are my goals for the next 12 weeks?
  1. Lose 20 lbs. I know I can do this with some hard work and motivation. 2lbs a week or less is totally doable.
  2. Run a 5k.
  3. Take the boys out for walks at least 3 days a week.
  4. Gain muscle.
  5. Fit into a pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans.
  6. Feel good about my body! I am so proud of the job it did carrying twin boys to 36 weeks and growing them to healthy weights. However, it's time to look  in the mirror and see something other than what my body did for my babies and see what it can do for myself.
  7. Help other women get healthy and feel confident in both their bodies and their abilities. We're stronger than we give ourselves credit for!
So I'll cheers this cup of coffee to a new beginning. Here's to getting yet another new body...not the one I had before my babies, but the one of a mama who can still kick butt and look good doing it!


Ok, sorry. I don't really have anywhere to go after that exaggerated title. My Friday is actually pretty average. However, there are couple things from my day so far I should probably point out.
Exhibit A:

Death by Animal Crackers
Good thing I finished off this bag today. I figure, if I just get eating it out of the way, then I won't be tempted to eat it again later. Pretty intelligent thinking, right?.......... Shut up. Who asked you?
Exhibit B:

Sleeping Angles

Here are the boys all bundled up so snug and warm in their boppies after 2nd breakfast. (in layman's terms- the second time they eat before lunch, duh.) So cute, right? Just wait...
Exhibit B.2:

What happened?

I walked into the bathroom to get the dirty clothes hamper, as I was doing my best to be productive this morning. As I walked out of the bathroom, this is how I found Isaiah. LITERALLY 10 seconds after seeing him sleeping so soundly he was squealing in his sleep. I approached him to find his feet kicking and him laying under the blankets grunting like a piglet. What the heck, child? Boppy days on the couch are numbered my friends, babies are becoming mobile.
Exhibit C:
Just for good measure, a couple of total AWWW pictures for the afternoon. Despite the foul smells coming from their cute little butts, despite the smelly vomit we smell every 3.5 hrs, despite the red faced, screaming outbursts...they completely have my heart. (I could probably say the same thing about my husband! JUST KIDDING, dear. looovee youuuuu.

Julian in dream land

Isaiah, pre-squirmfest.

It's worth it

On the days when life seems unbearable, when babies cry uncontrollably, when sleep seems like only a fleeting memory, when my tummy sags in all the wrong places, when the sun comes up and goes down in what seems like mere seconds...THIS is what makes it all worth it.

pure BLISS