A Very Busy Year

So here we are, on this amazing new path in life, somewhere we NEVER would have predicted at the beginning of the year. 2009, you've definitely been eventful. Here's what has changed in this mama's life since January.

January- Chikezie (my boyfriend at the time) and I were living together in West Des Moines, IA. He's a web designer and had launched his new portfolio site, www.nineliondesign.com. Little did we know this website would greatly change our lives in the next few months.

February- Nine Lion gets much exposure and recognition in the web design and online worlds. Chikezie is contacted by the Web Director of Oakley (yes, the sunglasses Oakley) about a job opening. He flies to the headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA for an interview. I begin graduate school at this time.

March 17- Chikezie moves to Irvine, CA to begin his new career with Oakley. I stay in Iowa to continue grad school and decide to move to CA upon my finish in October, 2010.

July- Chikezie's 1st visit back to Iowa on the 4th of July.  We're engaged! We've been dating for 3 1/2 years and have been waiting for this for a long time! SO happy :) A week after Chikezie leaves, I decide I can't take this long distance any more. We realized how much we really missed each other and that another year would be SO hard on our relationship. We begin to set plans to move me to CA.

I'd been feeling weird for a couple weeks, the usual "that time of month" symptoms but much earlier in the month. Swollen, sore chest, extremely tired, emotional ups and downs. I joke with my friends that I could be pregnant and decide to take a test just to get piece of mind.  I take a pregnancy test over my lunch hour on July 24.  TWO LINES! you go back to work after finding out you're pregnant? I did. I can't say I got much work done, but I went back! (future employers see the hard work ethic here? wink, wink)

August- Fast forward to August 20, I have my first doctor appointment (at 8 weeks) to both confirm the pregnancy and to make sure everything is ok before I move to California.  Everything turns out completely normal except for one thing, THERE'S TWO BABIES.  My fiance is a twin, my siblings are 13 year old triplets (through IVF) but nonetheless, we had it coming.

So here we are, Sept 15, 2009.  I will be 12 weeks pregnant this week and have lived here in California for a week. If there are any other changes or surprises that could happen to anyone in a year, I'd like to meet this person and compare stories! We thank God for all of these wonderful blessings 2009 has given to us! We are TRULY blessed!

Over the next few months I will be here using this as a journal to log the ups and downs of this amazing journey of life and the development of the "E" babies. This first pregnancy is definitely going to be an exciting ride :)